validating e-mail in access 2000

  Tree3 10:11 23 Oct 2003

how do i validate an e-mail in access 200 with an input mask or validation rule?

  Tree3 20:48 23 Oct 2003

please help i need to know if you can make sure it has "@" in it

  Taran 21:14 23 Oct 2003

IS the field to be completed from an online form are are you using an Access form for a dekstop type database application ?

The principles are the same, but there are certain consideration to be taken into account for an online form.


  Taran 21:33 23 Oct 2003

I'll assume that you're using a standard Access form.

You can get up and running (sort of) programmatically by using something along the lines of:

If Not Me![TextX] Like "*@*" Or Not Me![TextX] Like "*.*" Then

MsgBox ("Invalid e-mail address")

End If

Change the two [TextX] entries in the above code to the name of your text field. This validates the @ sign and makes certain you have a . in the address.

Note that there are potentially other issues involved, depending very much on how you want your forms to run and if there are other fields you want to automatically leap to after this one has been filled.

It's a starting point though.


  Tree3 11:39 24 Oct 2003

the form is for a personal database not for online use

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