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  [DELETED] 12:16 08 Aug 2003

I posted this as a rider in another posted but it was suggested that I start a new thead

Yesterday I tried to send an email to [email protected] It wasn't xyz but it was three letters. A message was immediately flagged up, before even trying to send the email, that it wasn't a valid email address. I changed the recipient's name to oded at the same address ( and it was accepted.

Am I missing something important here? Why should oded be accepted and gilad not? BTW the emails were to Israel and they are men's names in Hebrew.

Here are the responses so far:

Jester2K II Fri, 08.08.03 | 11:21
pops - its got nothing to do with the name but will have had something to do with the way you typed it. Maybe a space crept in or a comma instaead of a fullstop.

Mail programs don't valid the names just the format its typed in.

You can have [email protected]xtenstion you like and mail programs don't care. As long as it's typed in correctly.

A client had this problem and didn't realise that one or two entries in his address book had commas and spaces.

Try it again and it should work...

Smiler Fri, 08.08.03 | 11:23
Why not start a fresh topic and give everyone a chance to see your problem and respond. It could get lost in here.

-pops- Fri, 08.08.03 | 12:13
Think I will.

Jester - the address was brought up by clicking on the address at their website, it wasn't typed in by me. When I changed the name, all I did was delete the "gilad" and insert "oded"


  [DELETED] 12:18 08 Aug 2003

I've just tried the gilad address again and it's come up the same as before.

I've contacted the company concerned as well now so I'll see what they say (if anything).

  [DELETED] 12:19 08 Aug 2003

Which website? Send me the URL and i'll have a look ....

Its not uncommon for e-mail addresses to be incorrectly formated on websites...

  [DELETED] 15:10 08 Aug 2003


  [DELETED] 15:11 08 Aug 2003

Sorry refreshed wrong thread.:)

  [DELETED] 15:14 08 Aug 2003

Don't let this tax us too much, as I said above I have now contacted the company concerned. My curiosity was around whether the combination of letters 'gilad' was, for some obscure reason, forbidden.

I'l close this now but, if anyone has an explanation, I would like to know.



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