valentines day e-card(poss virus?)

  gavzap 16:24 12 Feb 2003

I've just recieved a valentines e-card from an unknown sender(lucky me!)-but i'm a little concerned it's possibly a virus-I've scanned it with kaspersky-i have norton running(and I've opened it-oops!)-all ok-my suspicions were aroused when i checked out the website it came from-there was a message saying the site was unavailable due to it exceeding it's monthly bandwidth-it is in the form of a .exe file but there hasn't been any ill effects as far as I can tell(except for earache off the missus)-am I just being paranoid or is there any more I can do to check it out for viruses etc.-cheers!

  Terrahawk 16:31 12 Feb 2003

is this the kiddie
click here

  gavzap 22:07 12 Feb 2003

no-does'nt appear to be

  gavzap 22:09 12 Feb 2003

it's in macromedia flash by the way

  Terrahawk 03:32 13 Feb 2003

if you are unsure you can send it to norton to check using sarc if you are running norton antivirus

  gavzap 16:07 13 Feb 2003

i've deleted it now so I guess that's that-thanks

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