Vaio screen black out

  zhi_228 21:51 04 Sep 2008

i bought a vaio laptop just over a year, now it's out of warranty.
the LCD screen black out when i tap to wake the laptop from SLEEP.
i tried to restore to previous date, it didn't work.
can any body help!

  v1asco 09:12 05 Sep 2008

they used to charge £14 to help, no matter how long or how many calls you make about the same problem.

If you speak to them really nicely they may even offer to repair it free if it is only just out of warranty.

Please let us know how you got on.

  rawprawn 10:03 05 Sep 2008

Try asking the question either on the forum or support click here
I have always found people helpful in the forum.

  birdface 10:43 05 Sep 2008

If not bought in the here

  zhi_228 21:53 05 Sep 2008

i already did call Sony. they were REALLY unhelpful. they just want more money.
first i called Sony vaio-link on 08702402408, the digital voice told me my laptop is out of warranty after i key in the serial number, and give me another phone No:09050310006 which cost 35p per
minute. i called as well, but will cost me £140 just for shipping and diagnose the laptop, repair and parts are cost different(i was told that lcd screen is expensive, total cost could be £500 which i could buy a new laptop).
SO MUCH for the Sony £-support.
THANKS Sony! i won't buy anymore sony vaio which is EXACTLY work within 1 year warranty.

  rawprawn 07:55 06 Sep 2008

Take it to your local computer repair man (I don't mean PC World)See if you can find one that one of your friends would recommend.

  BT 09:01 06 Sep 2008

Is it an official copy of Windows. Microsoft announced the other day that 'Hookey' copies of windows will have their desktop screens replaced by a Black screen.

  anniesboy 09:07 06 Sep 2008

Your contract is with whoever you purchased the machine from,which may well not be Sony.
Surely the warranty is only part of the question,in that the item has to be "fit for purpose".
To have this problem shortly after a year suggests it may not be.It may be worth contacting your local trading standards for advice.

  zhi_228 11:28 06 Sep 2008

the laptop works perfectly alright with another external monitor, so i doubt that "hookey"cause the problem.
i been looking for some advise as well in
the problem may cause by the back light tube, invertor or smd fuse.
i may try to fix it my self after seeking some more advise from either Sony center or trading standard

  senddeal 07:33 10 Sep 2008

Hi zhi_228,
Have you figured out the way to fix the black-out issue? I am having the same problem with my vaio laptop. It works fine on the external monitor, but the vaio monitor is black-out. I am able to see very little image on the screen though. Let me know if you have fixed it, so I can do the same thing.


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