VAIO PCG-TR5MP bit slow is a 512mb going to help

  littleVaio 17:44 26 Apr 2006

I have swapped a HP laptop for a Vaio PCG-TR5MP at work for the convenience of small and light but have noticed a real drop in performance. My work IT dept hate the Sonys but will reluctantly add another 512Mb of memory. Will I notice faster performance or as they say I am stuck now with a slow computer despite what I do to it?


  Frosty120 15:09 27 Apr 2006

more RAM always helps, so if your not going to be charged for it, I'd say try it.
My experience is that Vaio's are very stable and reliable even if they can be slow.
What processor is it? If it's a celeron I've known them to overheat and cause significant slowdown.
If it's a second hand system, have you reformatted since you got it? Sometimes helps. Don't forget to back up though if you do that!

  Frosty120 12:36 01 May 2006

Looked up your model, it isn't a celeron.
I forgot to mention that you will probably get a speed increase if you plug your laptop into the mains. Many modern processors run at limited performance to reduce power consumption and therefore increase battery life. This will be especially key in such a portable laptop, so plugging it in should help quite a lot.
I'd still get the extra ram though!
What sort of applications do you run on your laptop?

  littleVaio 11:26 20 Jun 2006

Thank you for your help, sorry it took a while to get back. The apps I use are fairly standard MS stuff. I have just had my user profile changed and I am waiting to see if the new profile will make a change to the speed. I have new virus TrendMicro software installed. I will keep my fingers crossed on the speed and get new ram if all else fails (switching IT support at the mo). The computer is almost always plugged in.

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