Vaguely interesting.

  gengiscant 11:23 15 Nov 2011

If you are into this sort of info.Bung your favorite URL here. I Spy

  birdface 12:02 15 Nov 2011

Very interesting .I put PCA website on it and you get some good information.

The likes of.It gets 41,652 daily visitors.

Might just hold on to I spy.Thanks gengiscant

  rawprawn 15:34 15 Nov 2011

Nice one gengiscant,Bookmarked. Thanks RP.

  spuds 17:49 15 Nov 2011

Very interesting. Looking at the information for PCA, does the £0.49 per visitor, estimated worth £751.771.96 mean the site is not running at a loss?.

  Bald Eagle 18:25 15 Nov 2011

Said no info on the site Angloinfo. Is it me doing it wrong?

  birdface 18:48 15 Nov 2011

spuds your sums must be wrong if that is the daily take.

Not sure how long that it for mind.

I suppose that means we will be getting the same yearly bonus payment this year again.

  gengiscant 19:08 15 Nov 2011

Bald Eagle It happened to me on putting another forums URL into the search box, I discovered I had to put in the home page URL for it to register.

  Forum Editor 23:15 15 Nov 2011


"I put PCA website on it and you get some good information."

Well, you get some information, but don't believe everything you read. According to urlspy we get 41,652 daily visitors,and the site is valued at £751,771.96

Go to another analytical site, and you get the information that we get 83,798 visitors a day, and the site is valued at $178,490 US dollars.

Go to yet another, similar site and you are told that our users are "disproportionately childless men aged under 25 and 35–45 who have postgraduate educations." Now how do they work that out, I wonder?

Go to yet another site,and you get the information that "A website grade of 99/100 for means that of the millions of websites that have previously been evaluated, our algorithm has calculated that this site scores higher than 99% of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness." and that we have a Tweet Grade of 100 out of 100.

We also have an Alexa traffic rank of 9,926 which is in the top 0.03% of all websites.

You pays your money and you takes your choice, as the old saying goes.

  birdface 00:23 16 Nov 2011

Forum Editor

Actually it is the first site like that which I have visited and thought that the 40.000 odd visits a day was very good.

Not sure if that figure was for PCA worldwide or not but the figure was way beyond what I was thinking.

It just shows what a popular site it is.

Obviously I don't know if the figure is correct or not just taking it at face value.

But PCA seem to be doing well so long may it last.

The bonus payments were meant as a joke but if PCA want to be extravagant and give out a few packets of paper clips feel free to do so.

Yes you could send them to all members that were born on 1911 or before.

  spuds 00:57 16 Nov 2011

buteman, I seem to recall the days when there were near betting on membership increases and evidential daily activity site visits. I wonder what the statistics would have been then?.

  birdface 08:39 16 Nov 2011


I have only been a member for about 5 years but you can understand why it is so well used.

I think the FE must take a fair bit of the credit for that but an all in team effort for making it one of the best sites that I have ever used.

No arguments no swearing and none of those silly personal animations that you get in other Forums.

Long may it last.

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