Vacuum or blow dusty fan?

  buel 08:15 30 Jan 2010

Hi, my mum's fan on her desktop pc is very dusty, would vacuuming it as opposed to blowing with compressed air, be ok?
Thank you in advance..!

  Forum Editor 08:36 30 Jan 2010

as long as you're careful not to let the nozzle of the machine come into contact with any components. Some parts on the vacuum could carry a static charge, and this would spell death to computer components.

  sunnystaines 08:41 30 Jan 2010

don't blow with your mouth as moisture will ruin the MB, also blowing just re circulates the dust

  morddwyd 09:03 30 Jan 2010

Also be careful of how powerful your vacuum is.

Some domestic cleaners will be powerful enough to suck in a cable/lead and pull it straight out of the motherboard.

  User-312386 09:18 30 Jan 2010

Also hold the fan, if you dont then the suction could make the fan spin to fast, which in turn could damage the bearings!

  jack 09:36 30 Jan 2010

Take a soft brush[You mums make up brush will do nicely] hold the nozzle of the vacuum above the fan in one hand and work the brush across the blades with the other.

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