V.92 Modem & Ntl

  Goolie 21:33 30 Apr 2003

I have an Intel 536EP V.92 Modem, When connected to NTL dial-up the reported connection speed is 31.2Kbps, and is downloading very slow. The modem I used before this (56k V.90) was showing connected at 56Kps and was much faster. I cannot use the old one as it was a AMR using modem riser on old mainboard.
Ntl say they do not and will not support V.92, Does anyone know what init string I can add to change this modem to V.90?
I know it can be done, but don't know how!

  DieSse 21:53 30 Apr 2003

56 Kbpsis not a connection speed that a modem can operate at. Modem connection speeds show one of two values - the actual connection speed, or the speed setting of the comm port.

Now 56Kbps modems cannot operate as fast as 56Kbps (they are limited by line characteristics, and the absolute maximumis around 52-53Kbps - typical would be 45-50 Kbps - sometimes slower in poor situations). Thus your old modem must have been showing the comm port speed (normally would be 115Kbps or 56Kbps)

A V92 modem will operate at V90 if there is not a V92 connection available - so there's nothing to add to alter it.

The problem is, has your line always been like this, but you couldn't see it, or is the modem really slower - it's not possible to tell now.

The best check of whether it's your system and/or house is to go to another location with your system, where you know a faster speed is normally obtained, and test it there.

  Goolie 22:08 30 Apr 2003

I only said the reported connection speed was 56kbps on the old modem.
The new modem is very slow compared with old one (ignoring reported speed)
Ntl technical help told me V.92 modems would probably connect slower than V.90, so they obviously don't just default to V.90 when V.92 connection is not available.

  DieSse 12:18 01 May 2003

V92 modems do operate under V90 conditions - they may operate slower (and they may not), but there's nothing you can do about that.

Different modems operate to different performance standards - I have a lot pass through my hands, and some perform significantly slower/faster than others. I have never seen V92 modems, as a type, operate significantly differently to V90 modems - but there are differeneces in brands and chipsets.

So if your new modem is not as good as your old - as long as you are sure it's the modem that's responsible, then all I can suggest do is try another brand. It may be your line is not particularly good, and your old modem could handle that much better than your new one.

There are so many factors in modem speed, that's why I suggested that if you can you try your sytem in another place.

  Goolie 19:41 01 May 2003

Thankx 4 that DieSse, I have decided to go broadband now so I will not bother about modem anymore. Cheers anyway.

  DieSse 22:00 01 May 2003

Good decision - you won't regret it.

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