v.92 modem compliance

  Roland Butter 09:06 28 Oct 2003

anyone else had a problem connection to virgin's 24/7? They have told me that my problem is because their new server is NOT v92 compliant! Suggested string changes have helped but a reported connection of 33.6 is dissaponting to say the least

  graham√ 09:25 28 Oct 2003

What Virgin are saying is that they do not support V92 'modem on hold' feature. This will not affect your connection speed.

I believe 33.6 is about right for 56K modem.

  Jester2K II 09:48 28 Oct 2003

Isn't 33.6 a bit poor for a 56k modem? I would say 45,000+ was good....

I would agree with Jester,
I use a v92 modem to connect to freeserve at this time, because freeserve do not support the v92 standard my modem is forced to communicate using K56 so the connection speed is around 32kbps whereas next door they have an older v90 modem and achieve between 48 and 50kbps.

what Roland and I need to do is shell out the relatively small price of an old v90 modem .

  Roland Butter 10:28 28 Oct 2003

I've just downloaded the latest driver from the manufacturer and have managed 46.6! Having adjusted the max speed to 57600 as opposed to 115200. I guess the connection speed varies a bit each time anyhow. Cheers for the comments though.

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