V205res 13 and Windows - no disk

  exdragon 18:29 11 Jun 2005

Hi - I've recently started getting the Windows - no disk box when starting XP. I've checked in the Search box and there are loads of threads, some of which say to run msconfig and remove anything which seems as if it's looking for a disk. Needle in haystack time...

However, there's this V205res 13 thing, and when I look this up in Google, it all seems to be tied up with hijack this log, which I don't understand at all.

I've run adaware, spybot, have zonealarm and avg, all up to date. Can anyone suggest anything I can do, please? And are they connected?

  VoG II 18:36 11 Jun 2005

Untick V205res 13 in msconfig and see if that solves it.

  exdragon 18:58 11 Jun 2005

I tried that, but it reappears each time - I get the dialogue box saying I've changed the config & it's starting in safe mode and to tick the Normal Start up option on the General tab. I've done this and restarted, but all the things I've deselected are ticked again. I'm obviously doing something wrong!

  exdragon 19:04 11 Jun 2005

Just had a look at msconfig - it's unticked, so I'll try rebooting and come back...

  exdragon 19:15 11 Jun 2005

No, it's selected again. I seem to be going round in circles, deselct, apply, reboot, get the message to say I've changed the config then no matter what I choose, I have to restart...

  De Marcus 19:19 11 Jun 2005

It's a shame nelly2 isn't around anymore as most people are being advised in other forums to remove this via the hijackthis programme, perhaps VoG could direct you to her new haunt.

  exdragon 19:22 11 Jun 2005

What is it?? Any idea how I got it? Is it a virus?

  De Marcus 19:24 11 Jun 2005

From what I can gleen from other forums it's a browser hijacker, although I have a fair knowledge of the programme used to remove I wouldn't feel confident giving advice to someone else. I'm sure VoG will give you directions to where knowledgeable people on this can help.

  Big Elf 19:28 11 Jun 2005

It could be spyware. Visit click here and register. Then select the Downloads option from the top of the page and download HiJackThis. Select the Malware Removal forum and look at the Announcement 'Please read this BEFORE posting to this board.' which gives guidance on what to do next.

  exdragon 19:28 11 Jun 2005

Thanks! I'll hang around. I did get a 'IE is not your default browser, do you want it to be?' but as far as I was aware, it is... Oh well, the joys of computers

  De Marcus 19:30 11 Jun 2005

Whilst youre waiting, download, install, update and run ad aware from click here

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