V Lookup in Excel

  oo7juk 15:38 16 Mar 2006


I have tried to update an excel workbook, the v lookup page. Unfortunately when I input the new details in the workbook it does not trigger the additions that I've made. Is there anyway I can edit the original table to accept changes.

Many thanks.

  oo7juk 15:57 16 Mar 2006

Tried to do that VoG but couldn't see anything like a1 to c10 then edit to read a1 to c12.

The following are taken from the spreadsheet:


=LOOKUP(F1334,'domestic route tonnages.xls'!Tare)


  oo7juk 14:02 17 Mar 2006


Have changed the named range but still isn't doing what I want. For your information I didn't create this spreadsheet so I don't know if that would cause any problems and I've never created a spreadsheet with the look up function.

Many thanks,

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