ronlin 15:33 12 Nov 2008

Im trying to play my video footage via the dvd but it wont play avi files , is there any free progs out there for converting avi to mpeg ?

  eedcam 15:54 12 Nov 2008

Use dvd flick its it will author and burn to dvd just converting wont enable it to play
Just add your files and flickwill do it all.
Sorry cant post a link at the moment as their sie seems to be having trouble .Will post when I canor you can google it warning only get it from dvd flick there are sites that try and charge

  eedcam 15:57 12 Nov 2008

Here it is
click here

  DippyGirl 16:17 12 Nov 2008

WM Converter click here

  eedcam 18:45 12 Nov 2008

Apart from costing money how would that get it on to dvd Dippy

  DippyGirl 16:08 13 Nov 2008

You asked for a free converter WM Converter is free

You didnt ask about getting it on to DVD
Link is to the sites download page - sorry should have said page down to get the Converter link

  eedcam 18:28 13 Nov 2008

Dippy I never asked for anything the OP asked how to play his footage via dvd which involves burning to dvd

  DippyGirl 10:07 14 Nov 2008

Sorry, yours was last response - should have spotted that you werent the OP
But the original request was for a converter = I sort of assumed that building the dvd wasnt an issue as ronlin had said there were problems playing the avi files via the dvd ergo must have got the avi files onto a dvd
Apologies if way off beam

  eedcam 10:59 14 Nov 2008

None needed Dippy I would'nt say you were off beam I'm not sure what he's after I assumed he means a proper DVD and it wont play on a standalone player . as there shouldbe no problem playing avi files from a dvd on the pc
My point about converting was even converted to mpeg means nowt unless the it is authored to dvd as far as the player is concerned

Speak to us Ronlin

  DippyGirl 11:04 14 Nov 2008

Totally agree ...
As you say it's back with ronlin

  ronlin 14:33 14 Nov 2008

QUOTE ; [Dippy I never asked for anything the OP asked how to play his footage via dvd which involves burning to dvd ]Correct
Success at last thanks eedcam , dvd flick did the trick and so easy to use as well . I had tried a few other progs but they didnt do the job as easy or as good as dvd flick .

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