V-Box Problem

  Chasman 22:41 31 Oct 2003


I have vbox to connect up my PC monitor and PS2 and all worked well until I bought a new computer.
Now my monitor flashes on & off when connected and I can't get on the AV screen,
however when it is connected back to my old Pc it works fine

Any help would be appreciated

  Jungle 07:33 01 Nov 2003


Sorry not really an answer for you, just a thought.

Could be somthing to do with your new graphics card in the new machine ? Have you tried swapping them between the old and new machine to see if that works. IF so then thats the problem. If not then its a monitor issue, are there any hidden features on the new monitor to turn it into AV mode that you havent found ?

Not quite the same problem as yours I know, but when I linked up a new digital box the other day to a TV we received an awful picture and it wasnt until I played around with the settings to enable " RGB " that the picture became stable.
So if you are using a SCART lead anywhere in the connection try searching for an RGB function on the monitor.??


  Chasman 14:03 01 Nov 2003


it does seem to be the graphics card - the monitor is fine with the v-box.



  dawnyworld 14:57 01 Nov 2003

whats a v-box ??

  Chasman 19:10 01 Nov 2003

Hi, Dawnyworld,

a V-Box allows you to connect a PC to a video, or games console

click here

  dawnyworld 14:47 02 Nov 2003

cool thanks chasman

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