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  ensonricky 16:55 22 May 2004

I have a ASRock M266A motherboard which I have just moved to a new case click here which I can highly recommend. The reason I changed case was that neither the front USB ports would work. Having changed case both ports now work. The problem now is that Windows XP only recognises one of the ports as being USB2, the other initiates a warning that a high speed device is connected to a standard port despite the fact they are attached to one USB2 header. The motherboard has 4 USB2 rear ports that work at high speed without problem.

  wallbash 19:44 22 May 2004

Have a Asrock K7vm4 with two front and four rear usb ports, have upgraded xp with service pack one. And still get the message that a high speed device is conncted to a standard port. Would love some help in sorting this out.

So Good luck ensonricky, will be following thread

  ensonricky 23:41 22 May 2004

Interested to hear you have had a similar problem. I have tried to reconnect the wires from the front panel to the header with no more success. What have you tried to resolve the problem?

  sicknote 01:19 23 May 2004

Have look here for it might have some help for you click here

  ensonricky 19:06 23 May 2004

Thanks for the link very interesting but I was unable to find a solution to my problem.

  wallbash 19:22 23 May 2004

Went to link and discovered quote

WinXP - Due to licensing agreements, USB 2.0 drivers are not available for download. USB 2.0 drivers are supplied on CD with new mainboards. If you have misplaced the driver CD or have questions about the USB 2.0 driver, please contact your motherboard manufacturer or Microsoft.

But Asrock, ..... cd with main board just says install service pack one

Still in the dark!!!!!!

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