Ken Ju-On 16:33 26 Oct 2003

I'm thinking of buying a Dell notebook. I'm not sure if choosing a UXGA screen over an SXGA screen would improve the display quality noticeably.

Is a UXGA display noticeably better than an SXGA one?

  davidg_richmond 17:00 26 Oct 2003

It all depends on what you are using it for, if you run Windows and all applications at 1024x768 both SXGA and UXGA screens are overkill and will actually make things worse. But if you use graphics and games go for the UXGA as it will make a big difference to the level of detail you see.

  Steric 17:13 26 Oct 2003

Hi Ken Ju-On

I have the IBM Thinkpad A30p which came with a 15" 1600x1200 UXGA screen. It all comes down to font size. I have now reached the age for reading glasses but I can use it quite comfortably for long periods with no glasses. You have so much more usable space than with a 1024x768 screen but it comes down to your individual choice. Remember that each TFT screen comes in its native resolution, if you decide to reduce a 1600x1200 down to 1024x768 it will loose its clarity unlike a CRT. If you can, have a look at one first to see if you like it. Personally I love it. I also have no dead pixels into the bargain.

Hope that helps


  Ken Ju-On 17:32 26 Oct 2003

Thanks for your replies. So, is it that the choice depends on what resolution you'll be working with most? I intend to work most often with a resolution of 1280X1024 on a 15.4" screen. Is UXGA or SXGA best for this purpose?

  Ken Ju-On 17:36 26 Oct 2003

Oh, and the 15.4" is "widescreen", as Dell says.

  Ken Ju-On 17:45 26 Oct 2003


You say you use a 1600X1200 resolution on a 15" screen. Does it look all fine, or doesn't everything look so very tiny?

  Steric 18:05 28 Oct 2003

The font size is smaller as your resolution goes up but I won't say it was too small. I know I am used to seeing more information on the screen and now the font size on a 800x600 is far too big for me but this is personal choice. This notebook is a IBM A30p with an ordinary screen, not a widescreen. The widescreen have different resolutions, according to one mag a Inspiron 8500 with a 15.4" screen has a resolution of 1280x800 which makes it good for playing DVDs etc. If I was buying another notebook I would seriously look at the 5150 as it has a 15" 1600x1200 screen.

It is a tough decision especially when buying over the Internet which one do you go for. I bought this one direct from IBM without seeing the screen first, it was a gamble which in my case paid off. Don't Dell offer a return scheme if you are not happy?

  Ken Ju-On 18:26 28 Oct 2003

So, you wouldn't recommend widescreen laptops? Yes, I am interested the Inspiron 5150, but I'm wondering if I would prefer the widescreen or not.

Yes, Dell does seem to have a fair return policy.

  Steric 15:29 29 Oct 2003

I've never seen a widescreen Ken, so I can't really say I wouldn't recommend them, my feelings are I never run movie DVD's etc on a computer therefore I don't need one but one day things may change and we will all be using widescreen. Widescreen wasn't around when I bought my notebook.

It took me months to decide which desktop replacement notebook to purchase and I found the more I dug into them the more confused I became. Originally I was going for a Dell Inspiron 8100 but I found so many complaints on their support website I started looking else where. A friend (an ex IBM employee) recommended the Thinkpad, I took his decision and bought one. I have never had any problems only the odd driver install glitch which was quickly sorted out on their website.

I don't know if anyone else who has a widescreen notebook and is reading this can add their thoughts?

  Ken Ju-On 15:56 29 Oct 2003

Well, actually it's not significantly "wide". As they claim their widescreen to be 15.4", I guess it's only 0.4" "stretched" to the side. Come to think of it, that wouldn't make much difference, eh?

I'm interested in the Inspiron 5150. After you recommended it, I took a look at it again, and it does have all I want, including 333MHz RAM ;)

Most likely I'll go for the Inspiron 5150. Thanks for all your suggestions, steric.

  Steric 17:07 29 Oct 2003

I've just found a problem with that Inspiron 5150! In PcPro it lists it with a 1600x1200 UXGA screen for ?1099 + VAT but put in it E-value code of 001 i05 but it lists it with a 15" SXGA 1400x1050 screen. Be careful of getting the right screen you want before you buy. I can't see where you can upgrade to the UXGA screen either. You used to be-able to do that before.

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