USWITCH Broadband Street Speeds

  OLDJACK 21:37 22 Sep 2011

Having suffered a dramatic drop in Download speed (normally only 1.12Mbps at the best) to 0.35 Mbps I noticed the USwitch street download speeds for a postcode.I checked it out and it showed, in my local area,BT speeds from 1.9Mbps to 4.1Mbps,Talk Talk 3.3Mbps,Zen 2.8Mbps and Pipex at 2.3 Mbps.All better than I've ever managed to have. Has anyone else checked this out ,surely if it is often widely in error then shouldn't Ofcom give them a warning, it could persuade users to switch hoping for better speeds thereby giving USwitch a commission.

  Jollyjohn 11:21 24 Sep 2011


Try a new filter and reboot the router.

Speeds quoted by companies are based on an average for the area and the small print always has a get out that it depends on how far away from the exchange you are.
Also, unless you go to cable, whichever company you choose the same physical copper wires, installed by BT will be used.

Run this test and note the results. If the speed is well below the line profile then there is a fault and it can be rectified.

  OLDJACK 14:47 24 Sep 2011

Thank you jollyjohn, I have pretty good service from Plusnet but I believe my problems are BT exchange based. If their fault scanner decides there is a fault it reduces speeds down to the 300's kbps level and it requires a reboot of some kind to get back to norm., but even then it can be days before a decent download speed is achieved.I'm 1.6 miles from a rural exchange so I don't expect miracles but what concerns me is that if the Uswitch speeds are achievable then my speeds are rubbish, remember it's the same exchange and these speeds are from nearby streets. Even if I had a consistent download of 1.5Mbps life would be better. Used the BT tester this morning it gave me 627kbps download. Could it be that BT are ensuring that their broadband customers are getting the lions share of the bandwidth available?

  Jollyjohn 08:41 25 Sep 2011

What was the profile of the line? That will indicate the top speed you could obtain. Yes it does appear to be exchange related but BT cannot reserve bandwidth for thier customers.

  OLDJACK 12:02 25 Sep 2011

morning jollyjohn, The current profile is now 750kbps which I believe is lower than I used to have. Is there any speedtester which is accurate ? I thought that limiting or "strangling" of bandwidth did occur. I think my best bet is to ask around the village to find what sort of speeds can be obtained.I heard from TalkTalk than they could offer (using LLU) download of 3Mbps but they have such a lousy reputation I can't consider switching to them but if they can "offer" this then why can't BT upgrade their equipment to do the same, after all we pay them a small fortune every year.

  Jollyjohn 18:52 25 Sep 2011


750 kbps is not good and it should be better, 1.6 miles is not a huge distance from an exchange. Bandwidth strangling or throttling usually only occurs on heavy users, those downloading about 5-6 Gb per day. Any other ISP will use the same physical wires to your property so hassle Plusnet to hassle BT Wholesale to sort the issue. I am with Plusnet and have always found them helpful with the couple of minor issues I have had.

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