Using a wireless router as an adapter

  Staz 11:49 19 Mar 2007

I saw on the gadget show that it is possible to use a router in place of a wireless adapter so you can get a far better range and signal quality.

How is this done? TIA

  wee eddie 13:16 19 Mar 2007

There is also the possibility of extending the aerial. Just attach a couple of meters of wire to the aerial, straight up.

  terryf 13:19 19 Mar 2007

wee eddie, you might be better off if you suggested connecting a couple of metres of wire :-) suspending gas or electric meters on the aerial might be a bit dodgy and any way where would you get them?
Sorry to be a nit-picking old g*t.

  wee eddie 13:34 19 Mar 2007

and not using ones brain!

  Les 13:43 19 Mar 2007

Staz: I think w.e is right - it would have been a booster. At least that is what I have read when browsing the net.

Thanks for a laugh terryf and wee eddie

  Staz 14:00 19 Mar 2007

It was a router just like you have in your home. He had to power it with a bike battery.

Does noone know how it was done?

I can find power antennas but how to I plug them into my computer? They have coaxial connectors

  wee eddie 14:11 19 Mar 2007

Before you buy anything.

You can make your current aerial more effective by getting 8 foot of wire. Wrapping one end around the Router's aerial and fixing the other end to the wall with a drawing pin or some blue tack.

If you want to be fancy you can use Co-ax but most folk don't have any of that in their tool box.

  wee eddie 14:17 19 Mar 2007

If you want to be fancy you can use 2 wires and split the top to a "T" shape.

It looks fancy and you can tell your mates that you've installed a "di-pole" aerial. It's not really, but it does almost as good a job. To optimise Transmission/Reception > Rotate the horizontal part.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:25 19 Mar 2007

click here

DIY wifi hotspot from the gadget show.

  Staz 15:29 19 Mar 2007

The others thanks for your help but sometimes maybe you should answer the question being asked.

  wee eddie 16:24 19 Mar 2007

Maybe, just maybe.

You should consider the wording of your question!

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