Using a windows XP Restore CD

  munch 19:47 07 Oct 2003

I have got 'Windows ME'installed on my computer,but I have acquired an 'XP Restore CD',which I want to use to install XP on my system.Will the XP restore cd do this without any problems, or is there codes or serial No's I might need, that don't come with the CD.This is an original restore cd & I have checked my system and printer & scanner for compatability and requirements.I just need to update software+drivers for these, which I have downloaded from the product websites.
If there is anything I have overlooked or missed please reply with your suggestions or tips.

  spikeychris 19:52 07 Oct 2003

"If there is anything I have overlooked or missed please reply with your suggestions or tips. " will not work!

It will only work on the machine it came with.


  JFT 19:55 07 Oct 2003

It wont work, a Restore CD is not the same as an original XP CD besides Uncle Bill doesn't take to kindly to this!

  graham√ 19:56 07 Oct 2003

I may be shot down in flames for this, but I don't think a restore disk will instal XP. You need an installation or upgrade disk.

Otherwise, anyone who buys an XP system with a restore disc could pass it round their friends, and that would never do.

  graham√ 20:00 07 Oct 2003

PS. Restore CD = Recovery CD. Same thing.

  wiznyme 20:28 07 Oct 2003

1 most restore CD's have an app to check they're on the sys they're intended for and won't run if they decide they're not.

2 If you did manage to bypass this and get it to install you would have all the wrong drivers for every piece of hardware in your system and would be doubtful if system would even boot.

3 Its illegal, no better than piracy.

  Lozzy 20:31 07 Oct 2003

Are you for real!!! (I am a McInroe fan):)
As if Mr Gates would allow you to use a pirate copy.. My advice is invest in the real McCoy.. You won't regret it..

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