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I run a home network with 3 computers (my main computer (also a server) and two clients) and a laptop. My main computer has a designated drive for storing all of my videos, movies, music etc as a mapped network drive called MEDIA (M:).

I would like to use Windows Briefcase to synchronise the whole of the M drive onto my laptop, as a means of backup. I would also like to syncronise the whole of my documents and the contents of various other folders with my laptop and main computer.

The steps that I follow are: I create a Briefcase on my laptop. I drag the M drive into the laptop. I then edit something on the M drive, then click 'update' in the laptop Briefcase. However, it reports that all the files are up-to-date. Also, when I go into the Briefcase on the laptop, any folder that I have copied over is always empty. If I then copy over the contents of the folders, the Briefase says that the files are Orphans and cannot be updated.

I am obviously doing something wrong in the way in which I am using the Briefcase. If you can understand the gist of what I am trying to do, can you explain the steps in which I need to take in order to use Briefcase to carry out this synchronisation.

Many thanks.

  BurrWalnut 14:49 03 Jun 2003

Sounds like a large briefcase!

I initially set up briefcase by "sending" files/folders to it. It sounds as though you have just moved the files to the briefcase, try doing it my way with a small file, update the small file and check if the briefcase needs updating.

  [email protected]βÖ¥ ™ 14:53 03 Jun 2003

Thats what I have done. I have copied the files/folders to the briefcase.

Could you please define "sending"


  BurrWalnut 14:56 03 Jun 2003

Right click, Send To


Copy and Paste.

  fitshase 15:04 03 Jun 2003

What you need to do is to create a briefcase on the machine with the M: drive.

Then drag the media files into the briefcase.

Then copy the briefcase to the laptop.

(I think!)



  [email protected]βÖ¥ ™ 15:06 03 Jun 2003

I've done as you describe and used "send to.." to send the contents of folders to the briefcase, however, there is a problem with this:

The contents of the Briefcase will not exceed 9.75MB for some reason. If I try to send a folder to the Briefcase and the briefcase has already reached a size of 9.75MB, it sends the folder, but the folder is empty in the briefcase.

  BurrWalnut 15:13 03 Jun 2003

I said it was a large briefcase!

I suspect you can enlarge it (Registry?) but not to enormous proportions.

Do a M/S knowledgebase search.

  [email protected]βÖ¥ ™ 15:14 03 Jun 2003

I have tried you suggestion but unfortunately it did not work. If I modify, delete or add any files to M: drive, both the briefcase on the laptop and the one on the machine with M: drive both report that the files are up-to-date, even though they have been changed.


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