Using WIN95!

  TonyV 11:58 07 Oct 2005

Some friends of mine have given an old computer they had to a relative of theirs. The new owner bought a printer for it and could not get it to work. There was a driver missing. Since the computer is a WIN95 version, is it possible now to buy a printer that is compatible with that OS? Presumably it would have to be an LPT printer. The printer, incidentally, was subsequently returned.

Alternatively, I have a disk for Windows 98SE that came with my machine some 5-6 years ago. This was obviously registered in my name, but now is no longer used since I upgraded to WIN XP Home SP2. Could this WIN 98SE disk be loaded on to the WIN95 machine, without incurring the wrath of Mr Microsoft, and then get a printer that would be compatible with 98SE? Almost certainly, it would have to be an LPT1 printer rather than a USB printer.

The simplest plan would be to get a printer that is compatible with WIN 95, so hopefully someone can put me right!!

Many thanks


  Diemmess 12:46 07 Oct 2005

Two things

Simple new LPT1 printers are rare these days, but the choice using USB is huge, and Windows 95 does not recognise USB.

The "95" computer might support W98SE being installed, but you will need all necessary motherboard drivers BEFORE you start.

You will also need a PCI-USB card once 98SE is up and running to give you USB ports (which the old computer does not have).

  phil46 12:50 07 Oct 2005

You will be hard pushed to find a driver for windows95 as this has not been supported for some time now but type it into google you never know what you will find.
Yes you can put W98 onto this computer but as W95 uses FAT 16 and W98 uses FAT 32 it would be better to format the drive,you will of coarse require a W98 floppy.
No problem with Microsoft as W98 didn't require

  TonyV 13:17 07 Oct 2005

Thanks for your comments. It seems as though the answer is not going to be as simple as I thought. I suspect the drivers as mentioned by Diemmess are not available and this would then entail searching for the correct ones! Again, it would be possible to Format the disk prior to installing WIN 98 SE, but then there is the exercise of getting a PCI/USB card and making sure that all that is compatible. Also if the drivers are not available, would WIN98SE operate? Pity, but it seems as though it may be a wee bit too cumbersome to attempt changing the machine to accept WIN98SE.



  Cuddles 14:14 07 Oct 2005

You do not need cutting edge technology to run WIN98se, try and upgrade to it, Epson still make printers that do not need USB but rely on paralell connection, and some will still run on WIN95.

  TonyV 14:17 07 Oct 2005

Many thanks for that. We will perhaps look at Epson and see what we can come up with.


  Cuddles 14:20 07 Oct 2005

Epson C86 uses paralell and will run on WIN95 or look for the preceeding model C84 for specification see click here

  TonyV 14:34 07 Oct 2005

Thanks. I have seen C86 on the Epson web site. That looks very promising. Thanks for your help.

Will tick this now.


  sattman 15:18 07 Oct 2005

You should not have any problems upgrading to windows 98 and your existing win 95 should not require upgraded drivers to make it work. You could probably get a hold of a s/h parallel printer (seen plenty for sale at car boots) about £5 to £10. Epsom might be a good choice and if you do require a driver you could try the internet.

  TonyV 16:23 07 Oct 2005

The best option seems to be getting hold of the Epson C86. Viking have them at a reasonable price including free delivery. So rather than mess about with the OS, I'll get them to purchase the printer. It does work in Win 95 and is LPT1 and USB connectivity.



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