Using Win 98 SE CD to "Upgrade" from 1st edition

  Veejay14 13:02 26 Oct 2005

I want to upgrade from Win 98 to the SE version because I need USB v2.00 instead of v1.00. I need the SE version to run a Belkin USB 2.00 card with ports, to enable the use of a 512 Mb Flashcard for data swapping with my newer Win XP PC. I now have a new Win 98 SE CD with manual etc puchased off e-Bay but do not want to lose all the programs & data I already have running on Win 98. How can I Upgrade without losing my programs and data as per the Win 98 now installed?????? John Reed (York - UK)

  Stuartli 13:16 26 Oct 2005


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I look after certain friends or family's 98SE systems and have always added the Unofficial 98SE Service Pack from:

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By the way the method I've used to upgrade 98 to 98SE is to boot from a Windows floppy disk

cd \windows

ren win.bak

e: or whatever drive letter the Windows98SE disk (full version in my case) is in

cd \win98


  Veejay14 13:40 26 Oct 2005

I think you have answered my query - but I just want to be sure this is not going to wipe off my data and programs?? I already lost a lot of photos off my "New" PC because it went in for repair before I'd learned how to back them up onto CD/DVD and I'd hate to lose all the files/accounts etc I already have running on Win 98. Copying them across to my new PC, and using it as another back up store, are my main reason for wanting Win 98 SE in the first place. Does all the old stuff run an the SE "Upgrade" this way?

  denali 13:46 26 Oct 2005

Veejay14I think you may have a problem. If you have Win.98 installed you probably need a 98 upgrade disk before you can install SE. Normally when you try to install SE on 98 you get an error message telling you so.

  Veejay14 14:17 26 Oct 2005

Thanks Denali. I believe the method of using the Boot Disk may avoid the error mesage, and I have seen some previous info about renaming the Win fle, but I need to know that this process will not install the SE version over the Win 98 and wipe out my data (Office files mainly).
I want to be able to copy Zone Alarm Pro and Virus Scan Pro from this win 98 machine to my XP PC before I put that back on line (just back from repair).

  denali 14:29 26 Oct 2005

Veejay14. If it will upgrade you will get an option to save system files, do so. this will enable you to access everything that was on 98.

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