Using Wii on Internet

  peter99co 17:29 01 Feb 2010

It is possible to download and run a free Internet Browser on a Wii via the Wii shop. Is it worth it and what happens to all the temporary files and cookies that result.

I had a look at the free BBCi player and the space required put me off.

The space required seemed to be allocated in Blocks. The max SD card that can be used is 2 gig. How does this compute in Blocks?

  bremner 18:00 01 Feb 2010

The Wii Internet Channel is free and is based on Opera.

From what I have seen on the BBC Wii blog the iPlayer runs perfectly well in the 512MB internal memory.

  User-312386 18:24 01 Feb 2010

Both applications work perfectly on the Wii. I have them both installed and i love the i player on my tv

  peter99co 18:29 01 Feb 2010

When I saw the number of blocks used for the download and the number remaining I was put off. How much space exists? Is it only 512 mb? That is why I suggested using an SD 2gig card.

  bremner 19:03 01 Feb 2010

My point is that you do not need external memory.

  bremner 19:28 01 Feb 2010

The iPlayer takes 45 blocks on the internal memory and downloads very quickly on my 3Mb connection.

I had over 1950 available blocks so a block has to be a pretty small amount of bytes.

  peter99co 19:29 01 Feb 2010

It was just that the system asks if you wish to keep downloaded software on an SD card or on the Wii console.

The blocks for Internet download seemed to take over half the blocks available and I did not want to block up the NEW Wii before we had a chance to see what other downloads were available.

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