Using WiFi at home instead of BB dongle

  NewestRoyWidd1 12:22 15 Jun 2012

Hello,I currently use a dongle to get online,and I'm thinking of changing to the free wifi that we have in our housing complex.

I can connect to it via my Xbox and phone without problems,but would I need a router to connect my PC?I really have no idea what is needed and would appreciate any help and advice please.

I'm on XP Pro SP3,and have an ethernet card fitted,and the requisite ethernet cable.

Many thanks in advance.

  difarn 13:30 15 Jun 2012

If there is wifi provision available and you are successfully connecting your x box and phone then your pc should also work wirelessly. If your PC does not have a wireless facility then you will need a wireless usb dongle which can be obtained quite cheaply - Amazon do quite an extensive range but any PC store will have one. You could ask around to see if anyone else has their PC connected wirelessly and how well this works.

  NewestRoyWidd1 14:50 15 Jun 2012

difarn;Thank you for that,Amazon have got this: Wireless Internet USB Adaptor WiFi Dongle 150Mbps.Is that suitable for what I need?It's compatible with XP.

My aim is not to have to pay my current monthly charges to keep my "3" dongle topped up.

  rdave13 18:06 15 Jun 2012

Yes have a go with that one but let XP install drivers and set-up the wireless connection. Had a devil of a job, years ago, with a Netgear dongle. Their set-up disc would not work with XP.

  difarn 18:26 15 Jun 2012

Yes that would be fine and take rdave13's advice about letting xp install it.

  NewestRoyWidd1 18:27 15 Jun 2012

Thanks rdave13 I'll do as you suggest.Just ordered it from Amazon and it should be here by next week.

I won't tick as resolved yet in case of any set up problems.


  NewestRoyWidd1 11:54 06 Jul 2012

Update;Apologies for the delay,work and life got in the way.

Well,I got the dongle,and installed it,but because I was in a hurry,I messed it up by pulling it out of the usb port.Since then I've tried un-installing and re-installing it all from the supplied mini-cd,but I get messages saying it's not installed and that Windows cannot connect to our wifi.

The wifi shows as being available,and I have got the WEP key.I cannot for the life of me remember what I did to get it working initially.The dongle is a Ralink 150mbs USB Wireless adapter,and I have tried using the latest drivers from the Ralink site.

All suggestions and help as to how to get it to work will be most gratefully received please.My 3 network credit runs out tomorrow.

  difarn 14:07 06 Jul 2012

First of all completely uninstall the dongle and make sure that everything is uninstalled including the Ralink utility as you want Windows to manage the network. You could download CC Cleaner from here and then run a quick registry clean. When you are downloading it make sure you do not leave any boxes checked that authorise the installation of another toolbar.

When you have done this put your dongle into the pc and let xp load the drivers. If the drivers are not located by XP you should insert the disk and click on Install Driver only.

When this is installed click on the wireless network, connect, and you should then be prompted to enter the necessary details.

  NewestRoyWidd1 14:17 06 Jul 2012

difarn;Thank you,I'll try that.I already have CCleaner but haven't used it for a registry clean.

I think the problem stems from me pulling the dongle out when everything was working ok?I have to use the cd to install the drivers.

  NewestRoyWidd1 14:52 06 Jul 2012

I have done all that but still getting the error message"the network may be out of range".Our network is still working on my phone though.

  difarn 15:36 06 Jul 2012

There are occasions when doing this can stop the dongle from working.

Are you saying that when you plug in your dongle it isn't being recognised at all by your PC? Was it recognised when you installed the drivers from the disk? Have you made absolutely sure that you have enabled Windows to manage your network?

Start-Control Panel-Network connections-double click on wireless network connection icon-Properties-make sure two boxes at the bottom are ticked "Show icon in notification area when connected and Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity" - Click on wireless network tab - check box "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings"

Are there any devices in Device Manager that have a yellow mark next to them?

Do you have the sort of router that necessitates wireless devices from being paired - I have a livebox and have to do this.

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