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  roygbiv 17:35 26 Feb 2003

I want to use my webcam (quickcam express) on XP, to send to mother in law (on 98se) (she has no camera, so it is a bit one sided). is there any software for this, or a i going to have to wait for her to get XP?

  jazzypop 17:48 26 Feb 2003

The Logitech software allows you to take a video or still using the webcam, save it to disk, and send to your mother-in-law as an email attachment.

Until she has a webcam of her own, this is about as much as you can do, unless you setup a web site, supply the feed from the camera to the site, and let her login to that page in order to view your streaming sound and video.

Or have I misunderstood the question?

  paulie.w 19:12 26 Feb 2003


I've recently come across this free software from logitech. Having used it for a week or two i've found no problems with it.

Hope this helps :o)

click here

I have had the same trouble, my mother has no web cam but I have and want to see me but she can`t. If I install the driver on her computer will she see me then?

  paulie.w 23:03 26 Feb 2003

As quoted from the logitech website...

Instant Messaging Comes Alive

See a grandchild, share a smile, make a face… the possibilities are endless now that live video communication over the web is simple, easy, and fun.

The Logitech® IM Video Companion™ works with Logitech Web cameras and your existing AOL Instant MessengerSM (AIM) or MSN® Messenger friends lists. With just a few clicks, you can start sharing live video right away. Best of all, your friends don't need to manually install special software to view the live video!

Of course, if your friends have a Logitech Web camera with IM Video Companion, you can both share live video with each other. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, you can even get full-motion video.

  User-312386 23:21 26 Feb 2003

did you know in XP you do in fact have netmeeting?

To start net meeting for the first time go to start>run and then type CONF

a wizard will take you through the rest


  hgrock 00:34 27 Feb 2003

this one is easy 'cause i have done it, set up your webcam with the software that came with it, you and your mother then join yahoo and get yahoo messenger, and add each other that is you add her and she add you , when you are on line with messenger she can then ask to view your cam with your permission she can. these instructions are very brief, but that is the general idea

  roygbiv 12:42 27 Feb 2003

Sorry, but i am still un sure!
I and M.I.L. have been on messanger for over 1 year now. I have a webcam (i have XP) (and mil has 98SE, no webcam ,as yet) i want to use webcam on my side for the time being.
Do you think that "just by installing my webcam driver on her sysem" it will work, or does it need a camera "each end"?

  jazzypop 15:28 27 Feb 2003

I think you will just have to ignore my advice and try the suggestions above about using various messanger programs.

I do not use any sort of messenger programs myself, and so was unaware that they offered this sort of facility nowadays.

  roygbiv 16:53 27 Feb 2003

I don't want to ignore any info, as it all is helpfull to me. THANKS.

  pauldell 20:16 27 Feb 2003

both xp and 98 have netmeeting installed ,your mother in law doesnt need to have a camera to see you,once its installed on your pc you you simply give her your ip address which is differant everytime u log on to the net and can be found by clicking the help tab in netmeeting.simply give her your ip address she types the numbers into netmeeting her end and bingo shes looking at u on her screen and she doesnt need a am for it to work

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