Using VPN and its implications?

  rickf 11:40 12 Dec 2017

I have 4 devices at home and connected by home network. If I use VPN on one laptop would it automatically apply itself to the other 3. I only want to employ it in one of my laptops. Thanks for any info.

  martd7 15:22 02 Feb 2018

Alan Rwood

That's a good deal on Nord VPN,as of now they're doing a 2yr deal for 79 USD or £56

  Forum Editor 15:49 02 Feb 2018
  alanrwood 16:08 02 Feb 2018


You need to search for the 3 year deal. It does not show on the main web site.

click here

  alanrwood 16:14 02 Feb 2018

The suspicion would be that one was trying to hide your activity, whatever it was

Why would that be. It helps prevent scammers/hackers/advertisers etc picking up on what I am looking at. At one time it was considered that a person had a right to privacy but under successive governments this is being whittled away by politicians. Teresa May and Amber Rudd are just the latest in a long line.

Nothing sinister, I just value my privacy and helping to counter thge thin edge of the wedge.

I know others will disagree but that is how I feel.

  caccy 16:22 02 Feb 2018

If your VPN is encrypted then some banks will not let you access your accounts. I found this out and for one bank I have to disable my VPN.

If you can change server locations and are abroard then a VPN with a UK server will allow you to access certain UK news/sports sites which block you if you are overseas.

  martd7 18:29 02 Feb 2018

F.E thanks,i had a good look through all the reviews,A

Alan rWood,thanks for the link

Initially I may do 3-6months see how the service performs,also I don't want to commit long term,wouldnt be surprised if within a few year VPNs are being closed down

  Forum Editor 19:22 02 Feb 2018

"If your VPN is encrypted then some banks will not let you access your accounts."

And you will not be able to use Netflix or other streaming services.

  wee eddie 20:11 02 Feb 2018

I had always assumed that all those using the Dark Net, Drug Dealers, an assortment of Criminals and Terrorists were among the main users of VPNs

  wee eddie 20:13 02 Feb 2018

Along with Paedophiles and Snuff Film Buffs

  Forum Editor 12:01 31 May 2018

A VPN can be very useful from a data security point of view, and it's totally wrong to assume that everyone who uses one has something sinister to hide.

VPN services can provide you with an increased sense of security as far as your personal data are concerned, and that's no bad thing nowadays.

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