Using a UPS with my PC. should I continue using?

  Ikram Khan 23:31 22 May 2017

Hello guys,

so here where I live we get around 3-4 hours of power outage in a day. I have a UPS which is 2.5kva and I use two 230 AMP big batteries to go along with it. It is locally manufactured and im not sure if its pure sinewave or anything etc. we use it in my home for lights, fans and my computer for which it works restarts or any such issues when power is switched to ups. I also use a AVR (automatic voltage regulator) with my PC. so should I continue using this UPS with my computer or should I plug my computer somewhere where there isn't UPS power..I should mention I have Antec 550w True Power 80+ Bronze PSU. rest of pc specs are i5 2400,8gb ram, rx 480 4gb and 22 inch lcd.

  wee eddie 00:03 23 May 2017

I am not really qualified to answer you but, I would say "Keep the UPS"

Power cuts and surges can have dramatic deleterious effects on your hard drive. If you can find a UPS that shuts down your PC when the power Supply fails, so much the better but I think that that is a gimmick, useful but not essential, because you can handle that side of things yourself

  Ikram Khan 00:12 23 May 2017

my thoughts exactly because its the hardware instead which is precious....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:53 23 May 2017

If the electricity supply is suspect then a UPS is essential for computer equipment.

  Forum Editor 17:41 23 May 2017

"so should I continue using this UPS with my computer"


  Ikram Khan 20:25 23 May 2017

fair enough. I was just asking if its a safer alternative rather than plugging it in where there is no UPS I fear the power outages will damage my hardware

  wee eddie 21:07 23 May 2017

You're right to fear Power Outages.

Crashing a traditional hard drive without a controlled close down could cause the Read/Write Arms to crash onto the Platters damaging then and rendering the drive potentially inoperable.

I have no idea of the effect on an SSD

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