Using a tv as a pc monitor?

  Tricky 3003 17:34 17 Dec 2005

Okay I have a big widescreen tv, is there any way I can use it with a pc? If so how please?


  >steve< 17:59 17 Dec 2005

what type of graphics card have you got??

  >steve< 18:02 17 Dec 2005

what outputs on the back of youre graphics card whight or blue.

  DieSse 18:16 17 Dec 2005

Whether you can realistically use it as a monitor depends on the TV - what inputs does it have - is it specified to use as a monitor, what resolution does it have, what type of TV is it???

A make/model would be helpful.

If you just want to use it to play DVDs etc on, from your computer - then it might be able to do so if your graphics card has an s-video output - and your TV has an s-video input or a SCART that can be set to s-video.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:06 17 Dec 2005

Using a TV as a monitor is very poor for reproducig text.

  >steve< 19:07 17 Dec 2005

I've got the same idea i didnt realize that i just thought if you had a tv out that would suffice.

  >steve< 19:08 17 Dec 2005


  Tricky 3003 19:54 17 Dec 2005

I don't want dual displays at all.

The tv just has a stanard scart connection.

Is it worth cosnidering using the TV? or is it more hassle than its worth?

  Fingees 19:54 17 Dec 2005

If its a Plasma TV.
DON'T use it, as the static screen of your pc is liable to burn on in a very short time.

  Tricky 3003 19:56 17 Dec 2005

And I have the blue connection on the back of my graphics card? is this xvga?

  DieSse 20:34 17 Dec 2005

A make/model would be helpful.

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