Using TV as a monitor

  captain birdseye 10:49 15 Jul 2004

Hopefully an easy question......can I get a lead (and if so what do I ask for) which will project the image from a laptop to a tv screen or will I need additional bits of kit?

Thanks in advance for your help

  €dstowe 10:59 15 Jul 2004

Before you do anything, I can tell you that the definition given by the CRT in a television set makes it almost useless as a computer monitor.

Have a look at the coarse picture on a TV screen and compare it with what you get on your computer - whether that be CRT or TFT.

If your laptop has a TV out, yes it can be done but, believe me, it's a waste of time.

  captain birdseye 11:08 15 Jul 2004

Thanks € was just a thought for a training session which I need to tv out on laptop so I'll do it the long way round via a data projector. I was looking for a quick way because the training sessions are fairly frequent, the environment is not particularly secure (but has a permanent tv) and it's a bind having to carry and set up the equipment every time.
Thanks for your help.

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