using smart tv as laptop monitor

  worcesterman47 13:19 29 Nov 2013

hi guys, I currently have my laptop connected to my smart LG tv with an HDMI cable...this enables me to use my tv screen as an extension to my laptop screen..obviously I have to sit at the laptop to type so as to browse the net on my tv ( with me so far ? )..what I would prefer to do is to use possibly a wireless keypad so as I can put my laptop in the corner of the house( still having the HDMI cable connected to both tv & laptop) and then sit comfortably and just use the wireless keyboard to surf etc using my tv screen as the this even possible ? if it is possible I was thinking of buying this keyboard... ... **click here I don't know a lot about wireless connections etc but it seems to do what I am looking for, or is there another option to actually use my tv screen the same way as I use my laptop screen to be able to browse,surf the net..i can currently send my wirelessly thru my sony vaio and also by using Serviio but cannot work out a way ( wirelessly) to browse the net on my tv any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated...I use win 7 & fibre broadband connection, many thanks in advance


  woodchip 14:10 29 Nov 2013

You need to go to Display Setting in XP this is by Right Click on Desktop/Properties/Settings/Advanced change screen so that the TV is main screen and you get the desktop showing on it

  worcesterman47 14:26 29 Nov 2013 doing that I can get pc screen on tv but I can then only surf using the laptop. .I am looking for another option so I can control surfing etc from another source...cheers

  rdave13 14:45 29 Nov 2013

Can't see why not. Have a look at the reviews here. You might want to search for a bigger keyboard as the main complaint seem to be the size of the keys due to the trackpad.

  worcesterman47 15:42 29 Nov 2013

rddave13..thats the one I mentioned in my earlier post...with that one should I be able to keep my current set up which is ...hdmi cable from laptop to tv...BUT be able to use the wireless keyboard to control surfing, browsing etc thru the tv and not have to use the laptop controls (therefore independently controlling my laptop screen on the tv ) and just leave laptop on but not physically having to touch it ?

  rdave13 15:57 29 Nov 2013

Yes, it is a wireless keyboard for your laptop and use as normal, with your TV as a monitor. So no need to use the laptops own keyboard.

  worcesterman47 16:02 29 Nov 2013

rdave...many thanks for that...I shall now put the keyboard on my xmas list...then look forward to viewing and browsing the web while sitting where I like without a laptop on my lap !! Once again thank you ...and you other guys too for your input

  woodchip 18:26 01 Dec 2013

maplins have wireless keyboards with track pad or you could use a cobi wireless keyboard and mouse.

  woodchip 18:28 01 Dec 2013

PS that is what use on a sharp 32ins led TV, desktop plugged in rather than a laptop

  worcesterman47 18:38 01 Dec 2013

Woodchip..thanks..I will look at those options too...many many thanks for the help/advice .

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