Using Skype on a laptop with a mobile provider dongle

  Bargee 19:01 23 Jul 2012


I've read other threads on this, but I simply need to clarify a couple of points.

I am in the process of dropping out & living on a boat leaving all hard wired services behind, so will be heavily reliant on my mobile phone for making calls. With that in mind, I'm looking to keep my costs to a minimum.

Firstly, do I have to assume that Skype used in this way is NOT free, even when connecting skype to skype?

If I were to choose this method over my mobile phone, could it still be cheaper than either contract or PAYG?

Finally, are there any other, cheaper ways, methods or kit to make calls? Apart from borrowing a mates mobile!


  Woolwell 19:57 23 Jul 2012

Skype is free but will use an amount of your mobile download data. If you have unlimited download, unlikely, then this isn't a problem but may create problems. You will also need to make sure that where you berth/moor then there is adequate mobile coverage. As far as I am concerned a mobile phoen tethered to laptop or other device is the same as mobile dongle. Same problems with data usage/costs apply. Assume this is UK only as any roaming would push costs extortionately high.

  Bargee 08:05 24 Jul 2012

Cheers Woolwell, you've sort of confirmed most of what I was thinking on the subject, however I'd not considered the "unlimited" download aspect in connection with this. Still hooked into a "mobile can be expensive anyway" mindset. Makes sense when you think about it!

As for roaming, your assumtion is correct in that it won't be an issue on the UK canal system for me. I'd never considered hooking up a laptop & mobile phone for internet, so this is an area I can explore further to decide whether a different phone package might be more cost effective than a separate dongle.

Thanks again.

  Bargee 12:30 24 Jul 2012

BTW, any other hints & tips would be most welcome.


  Woolwell 12:40 24 Jul 2012

The snag with using a mobile phone is that it shortens battery time.

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