Using a second monitor

  Lazzer 01:05 08 Dec 2004

Hi, im trying to use a second monitor, so to have 2 monitors on at once if you know what i mean.

What i have done is installed a pci gfx card and just hooked up another mointor into it, however when its booting my pc stalls and i dont know whats causing it?

I was told by a friend i could have 2 monitors running at once with 2 gfx cards, i already have an ati radion 9700 but the is an agp. I am aware that there might be conflicts but is there a way round this? my radio only has the 1 monitor input on it

Help is appreciated, cheers


  Lazzer 01:18 08 Dec 2004

not radio oops lol, my existing card

  AndySD 01:38 08 Dec 2004

First go into the bios and choose first disp;ay as AGP.

See where that gets you.

How far into the boot does it go? Whar Operating system and what is the make of the second card?

  Lazzer 01:47 08 Dec 2004

i have windows xp professional and the second card is a well i dont know actually it doesnt say i know its an oldish thing
there are no identifyable words on it.

  Lazzer 01:48 08 Dec 2004

as for booting, you know where the windows xp professional screen comes up with the little blue loading bar it gets to there

  AndySD 02:06 08 Dec 2004

Ok start with the bios/setup as the pc boots it will tell you how to get into BIOS/SETUP something like click here go through the settings and set the Initial Display (or similar) to AGP. Save and close. Will it boot into Windows now?

  Lazzer 02:12 08 Dec 2004

yup ive got the 2nd card in and i have my agp monitor on

windows has found the second card but cant find the drivers for it, it just comes up as vga compatible device. are there some generic drivers i can use??? or something else

  AndySD 02:30 08 Dec 2004

click here and follow it through but at the page that says "have a disk" just untick "Show Compatable Hardware" and choose gneric svga drivers.

Also I know its a bit of a pain but it may well be worth looking on the card for any writing and posting it so we can look for it.

  Lazzer 02:50 08 Dec 2004

i tried following the guide, but i dont get the screen saying show compatible hardware, and if i click on show me a list it bring up SiS gfx cards, there is a chip on the gfx card saying SiS, but none of the drivers seem to work, they make my primary monitor click off then click on again as if its trying to alter my promary monitor

  Lazzer 03:19 08 Dec 2004

i have looked at the gfx card and this is the only writing on it:

WG1500PV/4 REV A



and on one chip there is the words


Is this any help at all?

  AndySD 03:23 08 Dec 2004


I maybe didnt explain very well

In the device manager make sure its the vga compatable card you rigght click on.

Also is there a picture on the second monitor? If not go to Control Panel then Display then Settings and click on the Monitor with the 2 in it and tick Extend my desktop.

Can you change the resolution to 1024x768 and the color to 16 bit

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