Using Seagate Starter Disc on Non-Seagate drive,

  Ironman556 20:33 29 Dec 2004

Hi, trying to reformat a laptop and a re-install Windows XP. Getting the "unable to delete extended partitions while logical drives exist" message in Fdisk, but all logical drives have been erased.

I don't know what make of HDD the laptop has, but am I safe to use the Seagate Disk Wizard Starter Edition to erase/zerofill the drive ready for XP to go back on?


  QuickHare 20:48 29 Dec 2004

Might not be a good idea, as all it does is little more than FDISK or Windows XP Setup. Yes, Windows XP Setup. Simply pop the CD in the drive, restart the laptop (to boot from the CD) and it will give you a screen allowing you to choose your partitions and filing systems. For safety, use NTFS file systems.

When you press the Continue key (F9 I think), it will then re-partition and format your drives for you!


  woodchip 21:03 29 Dec 2004

if it's not a restore disc you are using and no other partitions download killdisc

  Ironman556 21:58 29 Dec 2004

Will try Win XP cd and Killdisk (click here)

For future reference would it damage say a Maxtor drive if I used the Seagate software?

  woodchip 22:06 29 Dec 2004

Don't think so but make sure

  QuickHare 19:37 02 Jan 2005

It cannot damage it, but Seagate software is designed to support Seagate drives. Either it will report that no Seagate drives are installed, or it may copy files and software that Maxtor drives do not use.

The main software on the disk or CD will be a program to partition and format the drive, and some drivers for using the drive with older motherboards or operating systems. FDISK and the Format commands can do these jobs just as well, and are much more diverse than a disk supplied for one make of drive being used on another drive.

But feel free to give it a try, just don't select options to install anything.

  ACOLYTE 19:45 02 Jan 2005

I dont know but if the partition has the OS pre installed this may be a warning not to delete it,if you have a full copy OS disc then it shouldnt matter.As for damage with seagate hdd checker i have used it on a samsung drive with no problems but it can give false readings and i am not 100% sure enough to say yah or nah.

  Eric10 20:29 02 Jan 2005

For Maxtor hard drives they have their own utility called Maxblast 3 click here. The free version only works with Maxtor drives.

  Ironman556 22:42 02 Jan 2005

Not tried formatting the laptop yet. I'm asking for a mate who's also building a new PC. The reason I thought of the seagate disc is that I've used it before but only on a seagate drive.

Thanks for all the info anyway. I'm sure we'll get it sorted with the suggestions here.

  QuickHare 20:42 03 Jan 2005

Thinking on it, maybe Acolyte has a point. If the Windows XP was pre-installed, then the CD may be copied onto the drive as a hidden partition so that Windows can install components without the original CD (held by the retailer). If this is the case (or similar for other versions of Windows), then Windows XP Setup can spot them, delete them and sort it all out.

  Ironman556 08:45 04 Jan 2005

He's got XP on cd, but i don't know if the laptop was supplied with it. How would you access the hidden partition to re-install XP then assuming that there is one containing XP?

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