Using SATA drives on Gigabyte Boards???

  Vikesh 23:22 21 Sep 2004

Hey, does anybody know how to use a SATA drive on a gigabyte motherboard. I have connected it in and and when i load up into bios, the drive does not appear in the boot order list. It is an OEM 160gb SATA western digital caviar. I then exit bios and wait for it load up and comes to a page where i can press tab to partition this drive so i know it has been recognised. When i go into this page, i cannot access anything, or it has all been disabled. SATA has been enabled in bios. When i try to install XP on the drive, i try to press F6 on loading up windows setup to install a third party driver , but it continues loading up and i cannot install any drivers or anything for the hard drive. Can anybody help please?????

System: Athlon XP3200, Gigabyte 7VT600 1394, 512mb PC3200 OCZ Performance, 512 PC3200 Matrix RAM, 160gb SATA Western Digital Caviar Drive, CDRW, DVD-ROM

  slimbo51 05:39 22 Sep 2004

Did this exact thing yesterday on an 80g Sata + Gigabyte Board..........

What I had to do was partion the H/Drive first, I use F/Disk.

Format in this case 2 partitions.

I was booting from a CD Rom to install Op/Sys (Windows Xp Pro).

As soon as the VERY FIRST Blue screen appeared insert the sata drivers which were on Floppy disk.

The Windows Op/Sys then took over and loaded the Sata drivers in as the Windows files were being loaded.

Worked perfectly first time.

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