Using SATA drive with IDE motherboard.

  chris 10:32 09 Nov 2008


I have an old (5years old) computer runing XP . the motherboard only has an IDE controller.

Can I use a SATA drive connected via a SATA to Ide converter and then put my operating system on it?

Has anyone actually had experienxe of doing this?

I dont want to do the obvious any get a 'modern' system until next year when everything will be a lot cheaper.


  Kalb 12:27 09 Nov 2008

I have used an old IDE HDD on a new MOBO with SATA connections via and adaptor plug from Maplins
Are you sure there is an adaptor for the reverse, to allow a SATA HDD to connect to the IDE plug on the motherboard ?

  chub_tor 12:47 09 Nov 2008

Here's one click here

  chub_tor 12:49 09 Nov 2008

Oops sorry how about the reverse click here

  chub_tor 12:52 09 Nov 2008

This one is incredibly cheap click here don't know how good it is.

  chub_tor 12:56 09 Nov 2008

Finally from Amazon click here

  harry12 13:38 09 Nov 2008

If you do not have a free PCI slot, try this click here

  LastChip 14:09 09 Nov 2008

I've been promising myself one of these adapters for sometime and if I'm honest, been too lazy to put it into practice.

To attempt to answer the question. Although I haven't done it personally, I can't see any reason why it would not be successful.

Looking at chub_tor's links, the "cheap" one appears to be a Honk Kong based operation. So it occurred to me to take a look at ebay, as I've had success getting stuff from that part of the world in the past.

click here for the item, which I think *maybe* the same operation. I've ordered one, so time will tell if it turns up or not. But I'm quietly confident it will.

  LastChip 10:41 18 Nov 2008

It's arrived and seems absolutely fine for the job.

I haven't tested it yet, but see no reason for it not to work as intended.

It does have a "chip" on it, so careful handling is probably the order of the day, as it maybe prone to static electricity.

  chris 11:13 18 Nov 2008


It works!!!!! – generally very easy.

A few relevant notes.
I bought a Samsung 1TB SATA drive from dabs £73 (Amazing value).

I looked at lots of Adapters – most of them as above are cards with all the components exposed – looked a bit vunerable to my clumsy hands – then I found a type that has the card enclosed in a plastic case – much sturdier. Bought one of those from Kenable £8.49 including postage. It comes with a SATA data cable and a power cable for the adapter.
(Adaptor works both ways either SATA to IDE/PATA or using an old drive onto a new computer IDE/PATA to SATA)

The thing I didn’t realise, having never seen a SATA drive installed is that the SATA drive does not use standard computer power connectors. It has its own rather flimsy looking power connector.

The long and the short of this is – I suggest you get a combined power and data connector – one socket plugs into the drive – two leads come from it – one is the data cable and the other plugs into a standard computer power connector.

Having done that – plugged it in - seen by the Bios and off you go.

SATA drives now are so cheap it is worthwhile upgrade. Dead easy.


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