Using Rewritable CD as a floppy disk

  VNAM75 21:33 06 Apr 2005

I want to use a CDRW disk as a floppy disk by dragging files from the hard drive and dropping them onto the CDRW disk and saving new files, using my dual layer DVDRW drive. But I'm getting a problem in XP. When I want to delete files it says it is read only, which even after unchecking read only has no effect. XP writes the files fine using the built in Roxio software but does not allow me to delete them nor does it allow me to save newly created Excel (and others) files, ie. by file, save as onto the CDRW disk - not by drag and drop.

In windows 98 I used to format the CDRW disks one at a time using roxio I think, taking about 40 minutes. Is this what I need to do in XP? I can't see where the option is in XP though.

  BRYNIT 21:49 06 Apr 2005

Yes you will need to format the disks first.

  DieSse 22:11 06 Apr 2005

The XP writing software doesn't require you to specifically format the disks first. It should just work. I?ve used it often, though I now prefer to use something else. I beleive it actually does the formatting required on-the-fly - ie as it records the data.

There are a number of updates to the XP writing software - do you have them.

You also talk about the built-in Roxio software - do you actually mean the built-in to XP software that is actually based on Roxio software, or actual Roxio software that has been installed on your system in addition to XP - it's not definatively clear from the way you put it.

  GaT7 22:15 06 Apr 2005

If you want to use the disc like a floppy, you'll need to format the discs first with DirectCD (part of Roxio's Easy CD Creator) or Nero's InCD - the usual software that comes with CD/DVD writers.

I've often found using this 'packet-writing' drag-and-drop method of saving files a bit unreliable. In the long run you'd be better off saving to removable media the normal way, or create a multisession disc - "A multisession CD is a Data CD to which data is added incrementally in more than one session, allowing you to periodically add and update files and folders to your CD." G

  DieSse 22:18 06 Apr 2005

"If you want to use the disc like a floppy, you'll need to format the discs first with DirectCD (part of Roxio's Easy CD Creator) or Nero's InCD - the usual software that comes with CD/DVD writers"

Not if you use the XP built-in facility.

  VNAM75 22:23 06 Apr 2005

DieSse, I meant the CD writing software/wizard built into XP - ie. the prompt you get when you've dropped in some files onto the the drive where the CDRW disk is, giving you the option to write the files to disk, which it does without a problem. But it does not let me save newly created files nor delete them, saying it is read only. I will look for the updates and see if that makes a difference. What is the alternative you use?

  VNAM75 22:26 06 Apr 2005

OK, thanks everyone.

  DieSse 22:37 06 Apr 2005

I use Nero - and now never use CD-RWs. I have a USB memory stick that I find much simpler for tranferring the sort of thing CD-RWs are commonly used for.

  Newby 12:17 17 Jan 2006

I am in a similar situation to VNAM75. My difference is I have the Roxio CD set which I have installed on my computer. I have been using the direct method of copying from my hard drive to my CDRW. I still have a problem in ALTERING my files. I want to use the CDRW to keep budget files, etc., which need updating regularly - which can easily be done with floppies. Computers nowadays seem to be without floppies. Any ideas? By the way I have bought a hard drive enclosure and fitted my 60GB HD from my old computer (old = 5 years), and also a IDE connector to use with my Samsung CD/DVD R/RW - sing/dance. (Sorry about that, but it's better than the one I got in my computer. Am I striving for perfection?

  hssutton 12:47 17 Jan 2006

Being rather puzzled by these problems, I have just checked thing out using Roxio Creator 7. Not having any RW CDs I used A DVD RW disk. I dragged a file to the "Drag To Disk" icon on my desktop. It took approx 30 seconds to prepare the DVD disk and wtite the small file.

I then altered the file and dragged to the disk icon again. the original file was updated.I did this several times, on each occassion the original file was updated.

Works exactly like a floppy,but faster, no need to format, as DieSse says, this is done on the "fly".

  GaT7 18:51 23 Jan 2006

If one formats the transfer rate is even faster - almost instantaneous for small files. G

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