Using registry cleaner on ccleaner

  ponytail 09:28 29 Sep 2013

I have just run ccleaner and when I clicked on registry it through up a load of issues.A lot of them were to do with Acronis.I did have the trial version of Acronis but uninstalled it on Friday so why is ccleaner finding issues connected with Acronis when it is not on the PC

  chub_tor 09:52 29 Sep 2013

Sadly running uninstall from Control Panel or using the software's own uninstaller does not always remove entries in the registry and these are left behind when the software is removed. CCleaner Registry Cleaner finds these left over entries and removes them, however it has to be said leaving them poses little threat to your PC. A better uninstaller such as Revo will clean up the registry as it goes.

  john bunyan 10:24 29 Sep 2013

To be safe, C Cleaner , when you "Fix selected issues" gives you the option to save the changes. Then you can go ahead and remove them. I have never had to use the restore option in CCleaner registry cleaner. Some time ago I tried a specialist registry cleaner with disastrous results, so I have stuck to CCleaner since.

  spuds 10:35 29 Sep 2013

Fully agree with the two above contributor's, and personally I find CCleaner rather safe compared to some more aggressive registry cleaner programmes.

But be advised that sometimes, CCleaner can and does throw up positives/negatives. If you are concerned about some of the things shown, then query them, possibly by doing a Google search. I have a regular positive/negative with Avast and CCleaner. Apparently this problem was first noticed about 3 years ago, and is regarded as an ignore!.

I use three other registry cleaner programmes, that I regard fairly safe. But like most things, you need to use these with caution and perhaps experience. The ones I use, seem to be well represented and used in the USA, and that was how I cottoned onto them?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:43 29 Sep 2013

Uninstalling programs will leave remnants in the registry

Use CCleaner registry cleaner on its default setting and its perfectly safe

  Secret-Squirrel 10:53 29 Sep 2013

Chaps, the Windows Registry doesn't need cleaning so the best advice is to stop using them. See my last two posts on the thread here if you'd like more info.

  martd7 11:04 29 Sep 2013

Have to agree use ccleaner seems most reliable but as secret squirrel says it doesn't need cleaning,i use the reg cleaner every 3month if that

ponytail you have a thread running regarding taking ownership of files to which i contributed,did you solve it

  ponytail 11:35 29 Sep 2013

Hi mart7 have still resolved the problem you mentioned have only taken a quick look at the replies any more advise appreciated on that post.Thanks

  martd7 14:06 29 Sep 2013


just try first what i and others have given advice on re: your other post about taking ownership of files

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