using recovery disk

  krsna 09:26 29 Jun 2011

My HP XP pc crashed & I used the recovery disk to get it going but I have lost all info in My Documents i.e My Photos & emails, can I recover them somehow. I thought the recovery disk would repair XP & leave data alone. I have lost some programs but others are still there for instance office is gone but powerdvd is still working. Any suggestions.

  Taff™ 09:57 29 Jun 2011

The restore DVD`s will have wiped the drive and restored the drive to factory defaults. Some might suggest that you can recover some data using tools like Recuva but in my experience you would be wasting your time.

Obviously Office needs to be reinstalled along with all the MS Updates and any printer drivers. No doubt Microsoft Update is already working automatically in the background. My advice is that if you do want to attempt any sort of recovery of data turn off automatic updates immediately. Everything you do on the computer is potentially overwriting data.

Let`s see if anyone else has a suggestion.

  krsna 10:09 29 Jun 2011

Thanks Taff, but why are some programs still there and desktop icons are there also.

  Taff™ 10:26 29 Jun 2011

All you should have are the programs which were pre-installed on the computer when it was new. So programs like Adobe Reader, maybe a trial version of Office and an Antivirus package trial such as Norton / McAfee.

Unless the "recovery disc" was in fact an XP installation disk and you performed a recovery installation - this would have left all your data intact as well as programs.

  lotvic 11:05 29 Jun 2011

HP XP pc recovery disk If you performed a non-destructive recovery and you want to find your previous documents and files, first, use the steps in this document to make sure that your computer is properly set up, and then use the HP support document Unable to Access Data from User Accounts after a System Recovery in Windows XP to retrieve your files from the previous user account ClickHere

Unable to Access Data from User Accounts after a System Recovery in Windows XP ClickHere

  woodchip 11:18 29 Jun 2011

Go to Windows Explorer, Not Internet Explorer. Look in the List of Folders for one that is using a lot disc space by Right Click/Properties As HP sometimes creates this folder when you do a recovery. It did on my HP Laptop Stuff may be in that

  krsna 12:46 30 Jun 2011

Thanks Lotvic I used the "Unable to Access Data from User Accounts after a System Recovery in Windows XP ClickHere" link that you mentioned & carried out the instructions and now have managed to recover my photos.(fantastic) Although they have become visible they are not in "my pictures" as before. I am not sure if I will manage to recover the emails I have to load office 2010 first. But I have spent a lot of time trying to get my mcafee anti-virus running but without success so I have now put on avg anti virus for now. Although I can see a lot of my data now the programs are all over the place with some able to run & others not, so I will try & slowly sort it out.

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