using a recovery disc

  adamagain 00:18 21 Aug 2005

Just need to know if i use this recovery disc do i have to also have the hardware as it was when i bought the computer

Ive fitted a second hard drive and a pci modem card etc
Do i have to un connect these

  powerless 00:24 21 Aug 2005

You shouldn't have to [Esp. with XP], as Windows will deect the new hardware and set it all up. The hard drive shouldn't be a problem but the pci modem may require drivers. As long as you have them you can install them when the recovery has completed.

But if your in doubt unplug 'em.

  adamagain 00:31 21 Aug 2005

I dont think i put it across to well
All i need to know is if i use the recovery disc to go back to how the computer was when new
do i have to remove any new fitted items such as hard drives or can i just simply use the disc.

  adamagain 00:32 21 Aug 2005

i see what you are saying now

  rdave13 00:39 21 Aug 2005

I upgraded my Time (GRTS) computer's ram cards and graphics card and lo and behold the "restore disk" will not recognize the system it came with.

Seems a big con when you pay honest cash for Windows OS and can't use it if you upgrade.

What's new !

  adamagain 22:38 07 Sep 2005


just wondered is it possable to save the info on the 2nd hard drive, thats on there now ,or does XP just automaticaly format it

or could i just un plug the 2nd hard drive then use the restore disc and then just reconect the 2nd hard drive

would the info be available still


  xplogos2 09:36 08 Sep 2005

Adamagain. Are you using a Windows XP installation disc, or a manufacturers recovery disc?

I used to work for a OEM maunfacturer and our recovery system worked by looking for a hidden "differential" file on the hard drive. This file contains all of the drivers and additional software that we installed.

This would mean that in your case where you have replaced the hard drive, windows xp would be reinstalled but no drivers etc that are not part of XP. All depends on the system the manufacturer uses though...

The second HDD should be untouched by the recovery - I would be inclined to unplug it during the recovery to be on the absolute safe side though!


  woodchip 09:43 08 Sep 2005

The recovery will still work so long as the Original Hard drive configuration as not changed i.e Partition information. If you fitted the new drive as slave then the restore CD should still work

  woodchip 09:48 08 Sep 2005

PS and you should not need to disconnect anything.

If you do upgrade a Item that is locked to the Recovery CD, you can only restore while the Computer is in it's default setup. But there is a way round all this.

Buy Acronis True Image, then after you have restored, you may have to refit old components to do this. Then fit new parts and drivers, Then create you own Restore Disc with the above software so you do not depend on the original Restore CD.

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