Dragonfly2 11:31 25 Nov 2008

I've got Microsoft Publisher on my computer, and one of the things you can do with it is to create a website: really easy, just like using Publisher.

BUT how easy (or difficult) is it to get this from being a Publisher document onto the web?

I've got absolutely no knowledge of website creation, other than using pre-designed templates - I'm currently using Streamline and its' site wizard, which provides templates.

But getting back to Publisher: how much expertise do I need to use this as a basis for creating a website? This is for a social club, and I want a fairly simple website, with loads of pictures.

All advice and comments really welcome, please!

  Dragonfly2 14:20 25 Nov 2008

Hi - thanks for the comments, I understand what you're saying. It sounds as if I'd better stick with safe templates for now, as for starters I haven't a clue what code validation means.

My problem with some of the basic templates on cheap or free web hosting packages, is that it seems very difficult to create a text page, with photos arranged beside the text, or with text partly wrapping round the photos. The templates don't allow for this, it's only really possible to place photos above or below text, not side by side.

  Dragonfly2 22:33 25 Nov 2008

Hi Forum Member,
Thanks for the explanation. My problem with all this is that I'm very used to Desktop Publishing, and I'd originally understood that with my experience there I'd have no problems at all with creating an attractive website using a template. Not the case at all from my point of view - I've been led up the garden path there, the two seem completely different.

I don't know how versatile and easy to use the slightly more expensive paid for web hosting packages are - perhaps you get what you pay for!

Or perhaps I've just got to start a steep learning curve - where do I start learning it all if I want to move away from using templates?

  mco 07:36 26 Nov 2008

then google serif webplus - version 6 is entirely free so you don't lose anything by trying - its interface is very similar to publisher yet it is a dedicated webdesign program.

  Dragonfly2 10:21 26 Nov 2008

Thanks for this, I've just found a free download from Serif. It's not Serif 6, it's Serif Webplus SE.

If I use this, or something similar, and I've designed a website that I'm happy with, I then need to find out how I go about getting it onto the web. With template based web hosting it's easy, you just click on "Publish" and a few minutes later it's done.

Can anyone recommend any reading matter (books, websites etc.) that explains this whole process in simple terms? I don't need help with the actual design process, I just need to know how to get it from my computer onto the web. My preference is to find a well written book on the subject, but I can't find one in my local library - they tell you how to design the site, then just tell you to publish it. But How?????

All advice welcome please!

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