Using Printer Cartridge Flush.

  spuds 14:12 24 Jun 2005

I tend to refill most of my printer cartridges, and so far I have never used the Flush which is usually supplied with the kits.

Have you used the Flush, and if so, what was your opinions!.

  spuds 19:23 24 Jun 2005


  De Marcus 19:33 24 Jun 2005

never bothered, I dont see the point unless you going to change the colour of the original cartridge ??

  Wak 19:48 24 Jun 2005

Hi Spuds, I think you are supposed to flush out the cartridge with the ink flush before re-filling but I have never done that.
I would imagine that any flush left in the cartridge would seriously dilute the replacement ink thus changing the colour and thereby nullifying the advantage of re-filling.
The only way to remove all the flush from the cartridge would then be to run it through the printer until dry but that could possibly burn out the electrical parts which create the heat which, in turn, create the ink bubble or jet, again nullifying the advantage and probably ruining a good cartridge.
On a positive note, I have found the flush very useful for pre-soaking the print head (to assist in unblocking print jets) before re-filling.
I can only suggest that you refill your cartridges before they actually run out and also don't switch your printer on unless you are going to use it straight away, then switch it off after use so that the cartridges are parked properly and not given the opportunity to dry out.
Hope this helps.

  jack 19:49 24 Jun 2005

What type of printer spuds?
Bubble jets[canon/lex/HP etc.,] probably not worth the hassle, the jets are integral with the cart, will fail eventually anyway.

Piezo type [Epson] worth doing -but not through the cart- but by direct injection into the supply spigots at base of cart chamber- I use a small syringe and a piece of fine tube my self - given a good pumping to and from and it is amzing how much gunge comes through

  spuds 22:12 24 Jun 2005

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Collecting a small stock of flush fluid, and I was wondering if it was 'experiment' time, as I have never use them in the past. According to Jettec, it seems as though they suggest that you only need to use them on cartridges that have been left to dry out [and I have plenty of those].Jettec info- click here

The type of inkjet printers that I have are HP and Lexmark.

Thanks again everyone for the input.Will tick as resolved.

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