Using PCA members email contact?.

  spuds 17:01 13 Dec 2015

I seem to recall asking this question previously, and never receiving a satisfactory answer.

When a member wants to make contact with another member, the idea I believe is to go through PCA to request that contact, so you can communicate direct. The old system, there was an envelope, that provided access straight-away.

Recently I have had requests from other member's wishing to contact me, yet the email sent by PCA states that you need to click on a link provided in that email. On both occasions I refer, there wasn't any provided link, except a blank space.

The emails normally sent, have a PCA no-reply address.

On a point of curiosity, how do do you contact or oblige another member, if the facility is not there to use?.

As anyone else noticed this?.

  Forum Editor 23:07 13 Dec 2015

I just sent you an email via the icon next to your username.

  robin_x 23:20 13 Dec 2015

I remember the discussion some months ago and it didn't work but FE said it did.

Maybe it needs proper testing.

  spuds 15:31 14 Dec 2015

Thanks for the responses. I have a number of things to do, so i'll be back later, time permitting.

  spuds 10:29 15 Dec 2015


I have made an attempt to send you an email, via the icon beside your username, but was not able, due to pressing the send tab, and nothing happened. it also took a few moment to load the page.

Forum Editor

I have received your email, and responded accordingly. Your email also stated that there was a link to reply, but again, in the email, there was no link available, just a blank.

I sent my response via the PCA no-reply address.

The email will be sent from your current email address "xxxx", this can not be changed. A copy of this message will be recorded by PC Advisor for auditing purposes. Any abuse of this service will result in you being banned.

  spuds 11:29 15 Dec 2015


I think this website is having a few problems this morning.

I have made attempts at posting to other threads, and received error messages.

If you can try later, I will be obliged.

  spuds 11:36 15 Dec 2015

rdave13 - to true, best not let the Forum Editor know ;o)

  spuds 11:42 15 Dec 2015


Just tried your icon again. PCA email notification page took some time loading. Then using the send tab, nothing, no action at all.

Perhaps now best for the Forum Editor to provide a comment on what is happening?.

  spuds 09:23 18 Dec 2015


I have just made an attempt to make contact with you,via the icon, but all I am getting is a 'loading' page, and nothing more.

Perhaps you can try to send me a contact request, using the icon. Then report back!.

  spuds 10:04 18 Dec 2015


Thanks for confirming that. I still haven't received any feedback from the Forum Editor on this issue.

  spuds 10:06 18 Dec 2015

Forum Editor

Have you looked into the issues raised, regarding the member's contact facility?.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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