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Using a PC without a rear case fan

  matt-few 21:32 05 May 2005

If a PC is 6 months old, used 2 hours a day for labour intensive work, the fan noise is unbearable, and you find that the processor fan is the main fan (as the rear case fan has not be installed when the computer was built - What short term and long term damage might this have cause?

I put it down to the p4 3.6 chip as that what I was told by the pc company, but by opening the case, found no rear fan?

Could this cause future problems?

  Graham ® 21:35 05 May 2005

Is there not one in the PSU?

  matt-few 21:55 05 May 2005

Yes there is (forgot to mention), but it is no subsitute to expel the heat and noise inside my case now. I have had several pc's over the years, and none have been supplied without a rear case fan and compared to my machine now, made hardly any noise!!

  matt-few 22:03 05 May 2005

The fans are widely available, both on the net and in high street pc stores, so I just expected pc companies fitted them. Does anybody else not have a rear case fan?

  amonra 22:06 05 May 2005

Rear case fan not essential unless you have a LOAD of cards installed, all throwing off heat. Most computers run quite happily without one. The main cause of noise can be determined by having the side off the case and temporarily stopping the CPU fan with a wooden pencil (or similar), this will soon tell you where the noise is coming from. Power supply fans can be quite noisy, the only cure , fit a new power unit with a quieter fan. Good luck.
PS You can always wear ear-plugs !!!

  woodchip 22:43 05 May 2005

I think you are getting mixed up with rear Fan and PSU fan as they are more than likely the same, but different. It's just that some PSU's have the fan blowing air into the PSU and it comes out the Back vent but some have the Fan at the Back pulling air out. They both do the same job. But old PSU's was only low Watts so they only need small low speed fan. today's computers have big Everything CPU's Hard Disc's U name it and they all produce Noise and Heat, So More Fan's More Noise. It's like a chain reaction..... Savvy

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