Using PC to Receive Satellite TV

  Holographic_man 16:28 17 May 2004

I want to set up my PC to receive freeview satellite TV and then send it to my wide screen TV to watch. I have 200gb of HDD to store recordings of films and have DVD back up. Am I on the right track by buying a HP ATI RADEON 7000 2D graphics or Gainward GF FX 5200 PP Pro/760 XP 'Golden Sample' (or maybe you all have something that is better)I would like to keep the price in the £100 or so bracket for the card.
Any help thanks

  Stuartli 17:47 17 May 2004

Freeview is NOT satellite digital television - it is terrestial digital i.e. it is received through your normal TV aerial signal. It's a mix of digital terrestial TV programmes and radio stations.

If you go to the Hauppauge website you'll find Freeview and other digital services TV cards - there are other makes but Hauppauge is probably the best known in this field:

click here

  Sapins 18:27 17 May 2004

Maybe Holographic_man means the free channels like BBC1,2,3,4 and ITV1,&2 plus Sky news and some shopping channels which we certainly get via a satellite dish. There are other free to view channels depending on which satellite you tune in to.

  Holographic_man 23:18 17 May 2004

Yes Sapins, Stuartli I live in an area were I cant get freeview so I need to use a satellite dish and I won't be pointing it at SKY! As most of the population can get freeview we in Scotland, well some of us in Aberdeenshire are not able to get though an aerial so we have the added expense of having to buy and set up a dish.

  stalion 23:22 17 May 2004

you will also need tv out if you want to send it to your tv

  woodchip 23:39 17 May 2004

It will not work like that you will have to get a TV card with scart as above and then join Sky tv. and get there Sky box

  Holographic_man 23:48 17 May 2004

woodchip you don't need SKY there are other dishes out their to tap into. surely if I used somthing like this click here

  woodchip 23:50 17 May 2004

Your link is about as good as the dish it wont work cannot get to see it

  woodchip 23:53 17 May 2004

PS as you are out in the stickes, you have to have something to point the dish at. SKY up in the Sky

  Holographic_man 23:56 17 May 2004

woodchip I ment other satellite for my dish to point at

  woodchip 23:59 17 May 2004

which ones that, as if you can get at one for free tell me I will join you

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