Using PC as a PVR?

  Umic 13:36 09 Feb 2005

Is anyone doing this successfully?

I have an All-in-Wonder card which allows me to view TV and, allegedly, record, play back, pause viewing etc.

But in practice the controls are obscure and uncertain.

  Rigga 13:55 09 Feb 2005

I use my All in Wonder card to view, Record, Pause and playback TV.

Although the UI leaves a lot to be desired it does work.

And for some reason pausing the TV, causes the quality to suffer?!?


  Umic 23:37 09 Feb 2005

Where are the instructions (keyboard or R/C) for playback?

  Rigga 08:55 10 Feb 2005

In the settings menu, i.e. if you open the TV window, and click the little tick in a box icon, or press CTRL+S. That should get you to the setup menu.

Then under Personal Video Recorder tab, you can set the folder that the recordings are saved to (under one touch recording I think), you can also set the quality of the recordings in here too.

And under the Schedule tab you can setup timed recordings, like on a video recorder to record at a certain time, for a certain length.

After you have recorded something, you have to find the file, usually named something like "Analog TV Tuner (3 58 pm).mpg", in the recording folder, and double click on it, to play it back.

It is rather unfortunate, that the All in Wonder software is so unfriendly to use, and not more like a traditional under the TV PVR.

There may be third party software that could be better, but as I rarely use this function I have not looked around for any. Maybe start another thread asking other members if they know of any PVR software?


  Umic 14:36 10 Feb 2005

It is always helpful to learn when to stop fogging a dead horse.
I am grateful for confirmation of my suspicion that All-in-Wonder cards do not deliver.

  Stuartli 15:31 10 Feb 2005

Your gripe is more likely to rest with the software rather than the All-in-Wonder card.

Even the fastest, most powerful computer system is of little use without a proper operating system and appropriate software, utilities etc for your requirements.

  Stuartli 15:43 10 Feb 2005

Have you tried the latest driver from:

click here ?

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