Using PC as a handsfree speakerphone?

  stugra 10:36 12 Oct 2004

I would like to set up my computer to act as a handsfree speaker phone.

I have been giving advice to my family over the phone recently, talking them through things on the screen, but I really need both hands free to operate the keyboard/mouse and I would like to stop my hand aching!!

How can I set up my PC to act as a speakerphone?? I am thinking of buying a cheap headset, I have a soudcard & 56K modem.

One consideration put to me is to use MSN messenger over my broadband network so the calls are free, but I would rather use my dialup modem as this means my family do not have to set up MSN on all their PC's and launch it when required (the simpler I keep this the better for them). And obviously, I already have a network set up to contact them in the shape of BT phone lines (cost of call is not an issue as all calls are only 1p)

Cheers in advance.

  TomJerry 10:51 12 Oct 2004

(1) Use modem, you need a modem with "duplex function", i.e. speaker modem or something like this. If you have this kind of modem, software should come with it. But, you will use phone line.

(2) Easy and cheaper way. Use you BB and install Skype, use Skype out function to call any landline in the world (very cheap) click here. If other person is on PC, then install PC on his PC and you can call them via Skype free. Skepe is THE best VoIP program available now.

  stugra 10:59 12 Oct 2004

As I say above, I want to go down the line of using my existing 56K modem.

So, how would I go about the setting of this up as I never received any software with it (it is a model that Dell bulk throw into pc's)

Can I check if it is duplex (perhaps set it all up and try a call??)

I'm thinking - where do I plug the headset in (soundcard I guess) and how do I link the modem to the soundcard? How do I dial out?


  TomJerry 11:57 12 Oct 2004

But, I still think Skepe is the best solution.

  stugra 15:18 12 Oct 2004

Solved it with a £10 speakerphone from Argos - would have spent that on a headset anyway!!

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