Using a PC DVD drive through a TV

  xquest 21:04 26 Dec 2004

I'm trying to play a DVD on my PC (Windows XP Pro) through a nearby TV. It plays perfectly through the PC. When I change the display to the TV it displays the desktop OK but when PowerDVD plays the DVD the sound is OK but the picture is extremely jerky - a sort of time lapse effect.
The connection is via a scart cable into a VHS recorder and then a coax cable to the TV.
I had hoped to produce a VHS tape for use in the lounge (the PC is two rooms away).

Any ideas, before I go and get a separate DVD player in the sales ?

  toni b 21:13 26 Dec 2004

Do you have other programs using the computer memory that are not needed while using the the dvd software..? have you tried other dvd software? this is just a suggestion.Others more informed will be able to give better advice..
Happy NY Toni

  TBH1 00:27 27 Dec 2004

I really think you are making work for yourself - - you can get a DVD player for £25, even without the 'sales'

  jack 09:36 27 Dec 2004

AS TBH1 says
An interesting 'What if' project but the price of
Players these days suggests a dedicated player for the TV with the added advantage that the family can watch DVD films whilst you get with something really interesting such as P C Advisor Forums

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