using other modem other than bt voyager with aol

  roldhh 10:39 17 Aug 2003

i have installed an internal adsl modem on my pc, however the aol software doesn't pick it up when searching for a new connection device. I have contacted aol but they just say that i have to use the bt voyager modem that was supplied as part of their broadband package. Is there a way around this ?

  The Sack 11:21 17 Aug 2003

In a word no.

Why dont you like the voyager modem?

  roldhh 14:07 17 Aug 2003

didn't have a problem with the vayager modem until lightening struck the telephone cable and fried it ! so thought i'd save desktop space and go for an internal job !
Thanx anyway.

  Djohn 15:28 17 Aug 2003

Agree with The Sack. You must have a very small desk though! The Voyager 100 is only as big as a packet of fags. ;o)

Also I'm sure I read somewhere that an internal PCI modem will rely more on your CPU power, therefore slowing things down a little. j.

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