Using Onboard Video+Seperate Card?

  Skills 15:25 26 Jan 2006

As the title says really is this possible. As currently Im using an AGP card but would like to use 2 monitors and also have an onboard graphics card. So could I use both at the same time to get dual monitors?


  andrew-196854 16:13 26 Jan 2006

i think i am right in saying no you can not as when you install a new graphic card you have to turn off you onboard in your bios, if you want to run 2 monitors i would suggest you could get a new agp one

  Totally-braindead 17:37 26 Jan 2006

No, you can use one ot the other but not both, many AGP graphics cards have 2 outputs so just get one of these.

  Monument 17:54 26 Jan 2006

Yes you can have a dual monitor set up with on board and separate card. This is just one example click here

It can be a hit and miss affair but it is possible.

  Skills 22:16 26 Jan 2006

Thanks for the link monument ill have a read and do a full backup before giving it a try. If it doesnt work ill get a new card with dual montior support.

Will leave this open a bit longer cheers for everyones input

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