Bertie B 13:22 13 Nov 2003

Has anyone faced a similar problem? I have a four year old HP Scanjet 4100C scanner which works OK on my old PC running Windows 98. However, whilst Windows XP on my new PC recognises the scanner the Scanner Wizard built in to XP is a pretty simplistic affair and will only allow you to scan a single page document - so multiple page docs have to be saved as separate files. I am looking for a piece of software similar to Kodak Imaging embodied in Windows 98 which will work on Windows XP. Unfortunately, the HP Scanning Software which came with the Scanner will not install in XP. I have tried running the Program Compatibility Utility but it just gives USB error messages. I am interested to learn if anyone has overcome similar problems - before I rush out and buy a new scanner!!!

  Jester2K II 13:27 13 Nov 2003

There are no XP drivers for this scanner. try the 2000 ones click here

  Chegs ® 14:08 13 Nov 2003

I have a Scanjet 2200c and even using XP drivers from HP refuses to operate.I can use the XP Home driver only my scanner comes on and stays on until I uplug it.I used to blame the different filesystem(FAT32 v NTFS)only I tried a "cut-down" 98se(used 98lite)and as soon as I removed ANYTHING in 98se,the scanner "disappeared" although it was listed in Device Manager,the software simply reported an "Error initalising scanner/Scanner not found" error.As I have a USB hub,its simplest to just use XP's own software for me.I emailed HP asking how do I get it working in XP and was sent to a page with dozens of assorted methods to get XP+HP scanners working,delving into Services,disable WIA,Regeditting,etc but none of these would allow the HP software to "find" the hardware,so I just plug/unplug its USB lead. :-)

  woodchip 15:01 13 Nov 2003

If you go to ScanSoft site you may find what you want. I use an old Page Pro 3.0 program that does just that

  Bertie B 15:35 13 Nov 2003

Well - thanks for that! This problem has been outstanding for about 6 months, since I got my new PC. I have visited the HP site before and found a download for the Scanjet 4100C for use with Windows XP specifically but it just would not work - so I gave up. Now, as you said, there is nothing for XP - so on your suggestion I have downloaded the Windows 2000 version from HP and ... it works. So thanks for that!!!

Now I have to find a package which will link into the HP Scanning software, like Kodak Imaging, which hopefully will cater for multi-page docs! And hopefully that is where woodchip's advice might come in handy!? Will let you know.

Thanks guys!

  Jester2K II 15:53 13 Nov 2003

If you are imaging and not looking at OCR - Irfanview is free click here.

File menu, "Batch Scan"

  Bertie B 16:57 13 Nov 2003

Well the true bonus is that the bespoke HP Scanner software is working fine - exactly as it did on my old system. However, whilst I have installed Irfanview - unless I am being particlarly obtuse [a distinct possibility!!!] then I cannot see how once you have captured the first page you can click on anything to allow you to Add/Insert/Append extra pages????

Had a look at the Scansoft site but can't see anything there - and nothing obvious in the PC Advisor downloads.

  Bertie B 17:02 14 Nov 2003

I'm back again!! I must be having an attack of the "stupids" because I just cannot see how to get Irfanview to process multiple page docs! It's all installed with all Plugins - I go to Batch Scanning - provide a folder/file name - set it to save as TIF file then press OK - it lauches my scanner software - the scan takes place and I get screen message "Transferring Data"! Next the scanned page appears in Irfanview - Fine - but what do you do next as there does not appear to be an option to scan next page, or the like?????

Can anyone enlighten me as to how I am being a "Noddy", please?

  Jester2K II 17:13 14 Nov 2003

Options, Properties, Misc 1, Make sure Close TWAIN Dialogue After Acquire is UNCHECKED.

After scan 1 save the pic, change the page and hit scan again (the scanner control will stay open)

  Bertie B 17:40 14 Nov 2003

Thanks for your help - but I must have a different version of Irfanview - mine came off the PC Advisor Disk - it is version 3.33???

When I got to Options/Properties - I get the following tabs JPD/PCD/GIF - Extensions - Copy/Move/Delete - Viewing - Others 1 - Others 2.

Under Others 1, or Others 2 there is no option such as you advise.

Don't know what version you are using(???) but best I can do is get rid of this and then download from the website. Problem is that I shall have to restore XP to an earlier date as Irfanview is not listed in the programs that can be deleted under Add/Remove Programs - another mystery!!

  Jester2K II 18:18 14 Nov 2003

Version 3.85 click here is the latest version.

Under this version is definitely Options Menu, Properties, Misc 1

From the help file

Note: Batch Scanning feature works only if your device (scanner, camera etc.) supports batch (Paper feed etc.). Otherwise, you must deactivate the option:
Properties->Misc 1->Close TWAIN dialog after acquire.

In other words if you scanner has a paper feeder leave the option enabled otherwise for manual loading disable it.

i can confirm it works for my Canon N1240U. All the option does is leave the scanner interface open after a scan to allow you to hit "scan" again after each page without having to reload the scanner interface again.

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