Using old hard drive from 2nd PC

  exdragon 09:39 19 Feb 2006

Hi -I've posted several questions about networking recently and just realised I may have been barking up the wrong tree.

If all I want to do is use my 'old' desktop as a sort of external hard drive for backing up, is there anything wrong with removing the hard drive and putting it in a caddy, then running it off a USB socket so I can drag and drop?

Before I get the screwdriver out and head off to Mapline, what else would I need to do, please?

  ICF 09:50 19 Feb 2006

Yes I have done the same thing and it works great.

  De Marcus™ 09:50 19 Feb 2006

That's an easier solution.

All you need to do is purchase an external Hard drive case, pretty much anyone will do that has the same interface as you Hard drive, presumably IDE. Make the Hard drive master via it's jumpers on the back, assemble it together with the case and if your using XP plug it straight in.

The case should come with all you need included in the box, check to make sure.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:55 19 Feb 2006

Seems you like the thought of a screwdriver, why not change the jumpers on the old disk to slave and install it into the new machine.

It can then be used as a secondary hard disk for backing up purposes - you lose out on the portability but gain on it being tidy :-)

  exdragon 10:06 19 Feb 2006

Thanks, chaps!

Diodorus Siculus - I've already got 2 SATA drives in my nice new machine, plus an external 120GB drive...
Guess I just need lots of space!

The idea is to use the 'old' one just for back ups, and the the external one for photos, then I can clear one of the internal drives and use it for Photoshopping....

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